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Charge Running

Charge allows you to stream and experience interactive, instructor-led running classes live from anywhere in the world! With competitive leaderboards and real time feedback from world class trainers, Charge is changing the way you run! It helps you connect with other runners from all over the world, get motivated with amazing trainers right in your ear, and it will bring out your competitive side to help push you farther than you thought possible. Can't make it to one of our live runs? Check out our ''On-Demand'' providing you with pre-recorded workouts to give you the Charge experience any time of day! Charge is for those who frequent group fitness classes for spirited competition and motivation as well as value convenience, accessibility, and fun.




Between 10 - 50 employees



Headquarters Location

Chicago, IL






Sarah Carusona
Sarah Carusona
Julie Wallock
Julie Wallock
Rory Graman
Rory Graman
Matthew Knippen
Matthew Knippen


Matthew Knippen

Funding Rounds


  • Annagram Ventures

March 2019


January 2017

Investors in Charge Running

Charge Running Industries

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