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Bend Health, Inc. is a national provider of pediatric mental health for kids, teens, and families. We believe whole family mental health starts with a strong foundation of resilience to cope with whatever life blows your way. It’s not always a gift you’re born with, but it is a skill that can be learned. We are revolutionizing the treatment of mental health conditions for kids and teens through a novel data-driven technology platform and evidence-based collaborative care model that enables the first scalable and integrated care solution in mental health. Through coaching, therapy and reduced time to evaluation and treatment by licensed pediatric psychiatry experts, our approach achieves better outcomes and results in happier, healthier kids and teens, while ensuring stigma, cost, and logistics are no longer barriers to care. Our founding team has been in both technology and healthcare for nearly twenty years, as individual contributors, and executives, in both private practices and at companies including Oracle, Optum, UnitedHealth Group and Teladoc Health.

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Madison, WI






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Kurt Roots
Kurt Roots
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Monika Roots, MD

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