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Benchling makes life science research faster and more collaborative. Biotechnology has the potential to solve humanity’s most pressing challenges, such as disease, renewable energy, clean water, and hunger. The brightest minds are working on these problems but they are equipped with archaic tools. We aspire to fix this and increase the rate of scientific output with a web-based platform that allows researchers to design and run experiments, analyze data, and share results. Hundreds of thousands of scientists all around the world use Benchling to do research. Whether they are at the world’s largest companies, the top research universities, or working on a startup in a garage, scientists use Benchling for the same reason: to be empowered, not encumbered, by their tools. Read about the problems our engineers are solving: Learn how our Customer Success Representatives work with cutting-edge biotech companies: Join our team:

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Between 500 - 1,000 employees



Headquarters Location

San Francisco, CA






Sajith Wickramasekara


Saji Wickramasekara

Funding Rounds


November 2021


April 2021


May 2020


July 2019


June 2018


October 2016


April 2015


February 2014

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