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Beem connects employees, forging new lines of communication across the company, transforming the way businesses share knowledge and information. Beem is the first born mobile, 360 degree internal communications platform, flexible, robust, and revolutionary. Beem is the trusted mobile communications platform for organisations, we connect employees giving everyone a voice within their organisation. We're about making engagement and communication effortless, fun and truly mobile. Internal comms doesn’t have to be dull. In fact, we believe by being vibrant and exciting it can become more effective. Beem allows users to snap photos and share great content within your secure company network. And our mobile directory makes finding the right person with the right skills a breeze. Too much internal platform noise? or got an existing intranet or Enterprise Social Network but experiencing disappointing results? Beem integrates, streamlines and drives engagement to both save and enhance. Deliver the social business benefits your company needs with the first truly consumerised mobile communications platform. We are Beem!

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    Pre Seed Investors

    GGM Capital
  • Pre Seed

    50,000 GBP

    Pre Seed Investors

    Mark Sherring
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