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Afiniti is the world’s leading applied artificial intelligence and advanced analytics provider. Afiniti Enterprise Behavioral Pairing™ uses artificial intelligence to identify subtle, valuable patterns of human interaction in order to pair individuals on the basis of behavior, leading to more successful interactions and measurable increases in enterprise profitability. Afiniti operates throughout the world, and has measurably driven billions of dollars in incremental value to its clients. Afiniti has over 150 deployments in major enterprises across a range of sectors, including telecommunications, insurance, financial services, hospitality and healthcare, and has optimized more than 600,000 agents and 700 million customers. Afiniti’s technology continually learns and improves, analyzing 1.3 million interactions every day to refine its pairings. For more information, please visit

Total Amount Raised: $199,950,000

Afiniti Funding Rounds

  • Debt Financing


  • Series D


    Series D Investors

    Greyrock Investments
    TRG - The Resource Group
    GAM Holding
    Daniel Klueger
    Frederick Ryan
    Zeke Capital Advisors
    Ivan Seidenberg
  • Debt Financing


  • Series C


    Series C Investors

    Thomas Glocer
    Elisabeth Murdoch
    TRG - The Resource Group
    GAM Holding
    Frederick Ryan
    McKinsey & Company
    Ivan Seidenberg
  • Series B


  • Series A


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