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Abacum is a SaaS that helps finance teams deliver business insights. Abacum is the first collaborative workflow and planning platform for SMB's finance teams to boost productivity and strategic impact. The company believes in empowering people with the best collaborative tools for them to multiply their strategic impact in the organization and be more fulfilled.


Total Amount Raised: $32,000,000.00

Abacum's Investors

Abacum Funding Rounds

  • Series A


    Series A Investors

    PROfounders Capital
    Juan Urdiales
    Ingo Uytdehaage
    Carmine Visconti
    Zac Prince
    FJ Labs
    Felipe Navio
  • Seed


    Seed Investors

    PROfounders Capital
    Mike Asher
    Maximilian Tayenthal
    Justin Kan
    Chris Murphy
    Y Combinator
    K Fund
    Thomas D. Lehrman
    Avi Meir
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