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We're a tech-forward executive search firm. Think high growth, fast-moving, forward-thinking tech startup but for executive search. Powering our search is a 100+ data point model analyzing quantitative and qualitative traits on top executive talent. These data points allow us to leverage hyper-specific search based on what our clients are looking for in potential candidates. More broadly, our model allows us to reduce time-to-hire, increase the quality of the candidate pool for our searches, and offer better pricing than the traditional firm. As compared to traditional firms which use LinkedIn to find information and a spray-and-pray approach to find candidates for roles. We're different. Executives join our community organically to attend leadership events, educational webinars, and private groups. Executives joining the community are both passive and active candidates for new roles. We vet every new member to deeply document their current experience, what are their greatest strengths, and what are they looking for in the next 2-5 years. Industry segments of focus: - Cybersecurity - Crypto - Healthtech - Fintech - DevOps - Big Data - ERP/CRM Let's talk: chris@6degrees.io
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