30SecondsToFly - Claire

Headquarters Address
We provide A.I. driven workflow automation for travel management companies to lower their cost and provide a ''super'' user experience to their travelers. In Autopilot mode Claire completes the travel agent's most repetitive tasks and in Copilot mode she shares learnt traveler patterns with the agent. As a result, Claire saves travel agents on avg. 50% of their time. Our in-house NLP has a response time of less than a second and an accuracy of 96%. Our in-house recommender systems are at 85% first tier accuracy. While travelers enjoy an unprecedented level of self-service experience, travel agents are free to focus on their revenue generating, high touch customer interactions. A win-win-win for traveler, agent and TMC. 30SecondsToFly was awarded the General Catalyst Award for Travel Innovation $100k, recognised as the most innovate and disruptive emerging company in travel in 2019. Watch our winning pitch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=156&v=DYEzUF0kx78&feature=emb_logo
Year Founded
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