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Recruitment Consultant Intern / 人才招募顧問實習生 - Cake

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Job Title
Recruitment Consultant Intern / 人才招募顧問實習生
Job Location
Taipei, Taiwan
Job Description

Cake is an international talent platform providing one of the world's top online resume-building tools, bringing global opportunities to talent in the digital age.

Since launching in May 2016 in Silicon Valley, we now manage over 6M talent profiles & 7K company profiles on CakeResume. Innovative companies like Google, Dell, IBM, and TSMC, as well as leading brands of all kinds including L'Oréal, P&G, and many more, are working intensively with Cake for better talent engagement. 

We're a growing team of 100+ creatives, business talents, marketing gurus, and techies, dedicated to creating an ecosystem where great talents can meet great companies efficiently and build a world-class brand along the way! 

What We Offer

  • Generous time off policy and flexible work arrangement
  • Continuous learning opportunities through training and sharing for new markets and different industries
  • Team spirit environment - we work hard, play hard, and celebrate even harder!




隨著 Cake 的快速成長,我們計畫擴大招募顧問團隊的規模,因此我們正在積極尋找兩位招募顧問實習生加入團隊!

身為 Cake 的招募顧問實習生,你將與我們的招募顧問團隊一起協助 Cake 的企業客戶媒合適合的求職者,幫助企業達到招募和商業拓展目標。這份工作需要大量的與人選和企業溝通,傾聽他們需求;幫助企業找人的同時,也能幫助人選達到下一個職涯里程碑。

Cake 從履歷工具起家,至今已經累積近百萬的使用者,並且提供數千家企業職缺刊登、人才搜尋、與招募顧問等服務。龐大且每天持續成長的人才資料庫幫助我們的顧問團隊更有效率的幫企業媒合人選。 

🎯 如果你希望朝業務職位發展,這個機會將能讓你學習基礎和進階的業務技巧、以及與企業和人才應對的能力、並了解人才市場的運作方式。透過大量的 cold call/cold email 訓練,並與我們經驗豐富的顧問合作,相信能幫助你建立扎實的業務及人才識別能力!


💡選擇 Cake 人才招募顧問團隊的理由





  • 企業端招募需求之確認
  • 協助尋找及評估潛在之合適人選
  • 人選與企業之媒合作業
  • 協助團隊達成其業務目標
▲ 能力需求
  • 良好的中文口語及書寫能力
  • 善於溝通,好與人交流
  • 邏輯清晰,能夠釐清確切的企業人才需求
  • 能夠自發性在無高壓監督的環境下有效工作
  • 對新創產業充滿熱情,認同新創企業的營運模式
  • 良好的英文口語及書寫能力
  • 擁有銷售之相關工作經驗




  1. Online Logical Test
  2. Initial Screening Call
  3. Advanced Onsite Interview
  4. Onsite Final Group Interview


【 應徵須知 】
  • 一週能配合至少 3 天者優先
  • 能夠實習至少 6 個月者優先



We understand that no candidate is perfectly qualified for any job and believe that diversity of background and thought makes for better problem-solving and creative thinking, which is why we're dedicated to adding new perspectives to the team. What's even more important than your resume is a positive attitude, passion for the work, personal drive for growth, and the ability to thrive in a fluid and collaborative environment. We want you to learn new things in this role and encourage you to apply even if your experience doesn't align perfectly with what is listed here.

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Indianapolis, IN

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Cake Company Size

Between 5 - 20 employees

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  • Pre Seed

    $1,300,000 USD