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We saw how SMS was changing the way brands communicated with their customers, but existing platforms were not built for long-term client success. Introducing Voyage SMS - the most advanced SMS messaging platform built for leading eCommerce brands. Voyage offers eCommerce brands the best, broadest, and most flexible tools to build compliant SMS lists from visitors and customers in both offline and online channels and to segment those subscribers to maximize return on advertising spend (ROAS). Voyage’s clients - including Ruggable, Lumin, and Winc - are generating average ROAS of over 50x. SMS marketing is outperforming email marketing with open rates reaching 99% and click-through rates routinely exceeding 20%. Voyage empowers marketing teams with fully customizable solutions that provide the flexibility to deploy SMS where and how they want. Voyage is a pay as you go platform and provides white glove support to the brands it works with. We are a team built by finding solutions to the marketing pain points we noticed working on our own DTC brands and eCommerce software.

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Santa Monica, CA






Rev Reddy


Carter Gaffney
Carter Gaffney
Corey Epstein
Corey Epstein

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