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Hardware-free scalable and sustainable AI. We are democratizing Artificial Intelligence through software innovations. UNIQUE APPROACH. ThirdAI accelerator builds hash-based processing algorithms for training and inference with neural networks. The technology is a result of 10 years of innovation in finding efficient (beyond tensor) mathematics for deep learning. Our algorithmic innovation has demonstrated how we can make Commodity x86 CPUs 15x or faster than most potent NVIDIA GPUs for training large neural networks. The demonstration has shaken the common knowledge prevailing in the AI community that specialized processors like GPUs are significantly superior to CPUs for training neural networks. Several media outlets echo our technological superiority: IEEE Spectrum describes, ''What they report is stunning.'' Investorplace considers the algorithm one of the biggest threats to NVIDIA Stock (a $500 billion company). Engadget calls it a ''Completely different approach to Deep Learning''. A quote from WCCFTech says, ''If an implementation of this algorithm is mainstreamed it would almost instantly disrupt the dynamics of the deep learning ecosystem. Valuations of companies could change overnight.'' Our innovation would not only benefit current AI training by shifting to lower-cost CPUs, but it should also allow the “unlocking” of AI training workloads on GPUs that were not previously feasible.

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Anshumali ShrivastavaAnshumali Shrivastava


Anshumali Shrivastava
Anshumali Shrivastava
Paul Holzhauer
Tharun Medini
Tharun Medini

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