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Prescient is your premier state-of-the-art automation software that provides transparency and precise data insights for marketers and digital DTC brands alike. With the onset of a major shift toward a privacy-first internet, Prescient is the answer to fueling a brand’s success. Our tech helps you measure, forecast, optimize, and continuously backtest your marketing funnels with such meticulous accuracy that it saves you the two most important things in business: time and money. We know that the e-commerce space is changing and the internet is evolving. We’re here to set a new tone for the future of tech: predicted profitability. What if you could predict the success of your campaigns with such accuracy that you know your profit margins before advertising your product? Now, what if you could do that while maintaining the privacy of your customers? This is Prescient, and we’re changing the game with novel AI. We are rebuilding a sense of “trust in tech” through transparency in our partnerships and the software that we use every day in business. Have no fear — Prescient has your back, and together, we’re optimizing your business for long-term profitability.

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