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Fathom is a free Zoom app that records, transcribes, and highlights the key moments from your Zoom calls so you can focus on the conversation instead of taking notes. Fathom helps you recall and share important moments from your meetings. It’ll even send those moments to your Slack or CRM automatically.


Total Amount Raised: $6,700,000

Fathom Funding Rounds

  • Seed


    Seed Investors

    Cedric Dussud
    Quiet Capital
    Whoa Ventures
    Parm Uppal
    Michael Keller
    Global Founders Capital
    Liquid 2 Ventures
    Rich Liu
    Maggie Gryko
    Soma Capital
    Zach Waterfield
    Nitin Shantharam
    Jaclyn Kossmann
    Andrew Chen
    Shaan Puri
    Pario Ventures
    Oleg Rogynskyy
    Jacob Rosenberg
    Finbarr Taylor
    Eleanor Dorfman
    Jeff Whitlock
    Kyle Vogt
    Alex MacCaw
    Immad Akhund
    Maven Ventures
    Viral Bajaria
    Aaron Rankin
    Steve Huffman
    Jinal Jhaveri
    Emmett Shear
    Chris Evans
    Feross Aboukhadijeh
    Justin Kan
    Arram Sabeti
    Valley Oak Investments
    Matthew Ocko
    Daniel Kan
    Rackhouse Venture Capital
    Matthew Fong
    Mujtaba Wani
    Will Laufer
    Zach Sherman
    Benjamin Bryant
    Aaron King
    BoxOne Ventures
    Active Capital
    Jamie Quint
    Dwight Crow
    Jason Hunt
    Josh Buckley
    Adam Michalski
    Zoom Apps Fund
    Vikas Gupta
    Reza Hussein
    Nick Raushenbush
    Eugene Zarakhovsky
    Kutta Srinivasan
    Mikhail Seregine
    Chris Fanini
    Leslie Lai
    Jay Jamison
    Bill Tai
    Rustam Lalkaka
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