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Studies show that on average, oral family history fades and ancestors are forgotten within two generations. CircleIt is here to change that. Our platform is reinventing how families connect, celebrate and preserve precious memories for future generations. Imagine sending your newborn a personalized card to be opened on their 18th birthday. Scheduling future flower deliveries for your wife as you’re battling cancer. Or, reading your grandchild their favorite book so they can remember your voice long after you’re gone. Our one of a kind generational platform is like a virtual time capsule - helping our members create customizable cards and personalized digital memories to be delivered to their loved ones years, even decades, in the future. This gift can be easily shared and securely stored for countless generations - allowing the safe keeping of priceless memories, stories, wisdom, family values and off-the-record tales for generations to come. We are a pre-revenue startup with 1,000,000+ members in 157 countries. CircleIt is now in the process of seeking Series A funding. We can be reached at for more information.

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