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Catchpoint is a leading digital performance intelligence company that provides unparalleled insight into your customer-critical services to help you consistently deliver amazing digital experiences. Catchpoint is the only performance monitoring platform that provides integrated synthetic and real user monitoring, comprehensive test types, real-time analytics, and a diverse node network to help you continuously preempt performance issues and optimize service delivery. More than 400 customers in over 30 countries trust Catchpoint to strengthen their brands and grow their businesses. To request a free trial, visit

Total Amount Raised: $49,765,056.00

Catchpoint's Investors

Catchpoint Funding Rounds

  • Debt Financing


    Debt Financing Investors

    Silicon Valley Bank
  • Series C


    Series C Investors

    Battery Ventures
  • Series B


    Series B Investors

    Battery Ventures
  • Series A


    Series A Investors

    Battery Ventures
  • Series C


    Series C Investors

    Sapphire Ventures
    Battery Ventures
  • Series Unknown


    Series Unknown Investors

    Mehdi Daoudi
  • Series Unknown


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