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Analog is a completely decentralized, PoT-based, layer-0 platform for communicating validated event data. At the core of the platform are tesseracts and time nodes (explained later) that can privately fetch and confirm event data from sovereign chains, allowing different ecosystems to speak the same language. Our mission is to usher in trustless, omnichain interoperability that allows developers to easily build their applications via a universal protocol and an API. We are also unveiling a novel, superfast PoT protocol that creates verifiable event data on the Timechain, allowing DApp developers to build next-generation event-based applications. We believe that each Blockchain ecosystem has its core strengths, use cases, developer pools, and liquidity pools (LPs). Blockchains should benefit from trading functionalities, assets, and LPs; the same way economies benefit from cross-border trade. Our vision is to facilitate omnichain interoperability to enable developers to deploy DApps from any network to any other Blockchain, in a near codeless format, and at scale.

Total Amount Raised: $16,000,000

Analog Funding Rounds

  • Seed


    Seed Investors

    Tribe Capital
    NGC Ventures
    GSR Ventures
    Samara Asset Group
    Alumni Ventures
    Orange DAO
    BENQI Finance
    Presto Labs
    Balaji Srinivasan
    Mask Network
    Outliers Fund
    NEAR Foundation
    Exnetwork Capital
    Majinx Capital
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