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TaxCloud® is the internet’s first (and only) completely free and easy-to-use sales tax management service. TaxCloud empowers retailers of any size to comply with sales tax laws everywhere in the United States. We can provide TaxCloud at no cost to retailers because states pay us a commission based on the sales tax we help retailers collect. TaxCloud is a web service that integrates… · More retailers' existing accounting, e-commerce, or payment processing systems. Once configured and activated, merchants do not have to maintain or update the service-they can simply “set it and forget it.” TaxCloud ensures they always collect the correct sales tax for their customers at the time of checkout. In more than half of the states with sales tax, TaxCloud can even automatically report and remit sales tax proceeds, and will even respond to any subsequent audit inquiries - all at no cost to the retailers because we are paid by the states to make sales tax compliance as easy as possible.

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Seattle, WA
Employee Count
2 - 10 employees
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