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A SaaS platform that targets the 1.2M small to medium companies that use a CRM or a marketing platform to track their lead funnel and that attend trade shows. We’re solving the top 3 pain points: 1) collecting quality lead data, 2) measuring ROI, and 3) booth staff accountability.1) 38% of marketers cite ‘lack of high quality data to drive campaigns’ as the greatest barrier for B2B lead… · More generation. Booth staff lack processes and tools to collect this data. They collect leads using badge scanners provided by the show - yielding inaccurate data, notebooks, or business cards.2) 50% of businesses don’t have an effective means to track event ROI, making it difficult to report on the show’s success. With anywhere from 20-50% of a marketing team’s budget going to events, ease of reporting on ROI is vita, but overlooked.3) Sales managers have trouble holding reps accountable during and post shows. There isn’t an easy way to track leads generated per rep on the stand in real time.
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