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3D Predict is an aligner manufacturer. Our aligners are driven by artificial intelligence that predictably helps treat all cases of complexity. Yep, we can do what most people think only braces can do! Working to boost treatment effectiveness and reduce the number of refinements, our team created software driven by artificial intelligence (AI) called Deep CBCT Analysis. We saw a way to combine clinical experience and cutting-edge AI technology to equip orthodontists with an aligner that helps treat even the most complex cases with greater precision and efficiency. With Deep CBCT Analysis, orthodontists can effectively straighten teeth while keeping them within the alveolar housing - looking beyond a tooth crown to see the real roots and bone. This AI-driven software creates highly precise 3D models of crowns, bones, and actual roots with every detail of the apex visible so each tooth can be deeply analyzed like never before. By seeing how roots will move versus the bone during treatment, orthodontists are able to achieve more predictable and safe outcomes for patients unlike anything else that’s currently available on the market. 3D Predict was founded by Dr. Marina Domracheva. Her passion for mathematics drives our work in advanced technology to improve clinical effectiveness in dental care. Dr. Domracheva identified a gap in tooth straightening propositions available on the market and founded 3D Predict to inspire orthodontists to see the unseen and allow them to look beyond the evidence in treatment planning. Our clinical experts and 3D plan modeling technicians are among the best in the industry, the majority receiving deep orthodontic education.


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