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3Data Analytics offers the most advanced 3D security and operations platform currently on the market, helping organizations make critical decisions quickly through remote, real-time data modeling and visualization. Real-time 3D insights and actionable recommendations are available across any device-desktop, mobile, and XR. The device agnostic, immersive 3Data Analytics experience reduces data complexity through 3D visualizations of network topology, building renderings, and 360 camera feeds, which is then unified in a collaborative virtual environment using an open API. The addition of 3Data's custom Apollo AI voice assistant bolsters a seamless virtual experience, maximizing accuracy across siloed time-series data, alerts, logs, and raw sensor data. The power of the 3Data platform, together with Apollo AI, is what allows organizations to predict maintenance, detect and respond to threats, reduce downtime, and mitigate risk. Founded in 2015, CEO Wallon Walusayi & CSO Tyler Cummings have been on a mission to make the world's data more understandable. Wallon reinforced this mission by saying, “We are connecting people and data in a new and intuitive way. Our team is reimagining how we consume information and respond to insights. Our customers are excited, and that makes us excited for the future as we create it.” To meet Apollo and learn more about 3Data Analytics, check out our video demo, schedule a live demo with us, or visit 3Data.io.


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