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Updated on February 20, 2024
Connor Leech

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Connor Leech

This new feature on Employbl allows you to search for startup tech companies by funding round. Find Seed, Series A, Series B and Series C companies in your area.

Find Startups by Funding Round

If you're anything like me you've previously looked for early stage startups in your area. If you're looking for new companies you've tried using AngelList, LinkedIn, Greenhouse, Google Search and others to find new companies. AngelList seems to be the market leader for finding new startups but often their results are underwhelming. I remember stumbling upon AngelList profiles for companies that were basically ideas people forgot. It can be hard to find new early stage startups. Or perhaps you're into companies at later stages like Series B or Series C. AngelList is pretty much the only job search engine that lets you filter companies by funding round. You can search to find Seed stage or Series A companies but often it seems like you're shortchanged with the results.

For instance here's an AngelList search for Series A companies, no other filters applied:

Angellist Series a Search Results

637 companies. Hmm. Now maybe there are more results that they don't want to show me because those companies aren't hiring or aren't hiring people based in San Francisco, where I live. But like, what if I want to see those companies? There are paid services like Crunchbase or Pitchbook but as far as free resources for finding startups by funding round AngelList is pretty much it and you get limited results.

Now on Employbl you can login and see all startups by investment funding stage. For example here's searching for Series A startups on the Employbl dashboard:

Employbl Startups by Investment Round

1,737 Series A startup companies. That's more than double the results. We focus on U.S. based startups so it's not like we're adding random Series A startups from Burachrest or something. It's a shame that it has taken this long but the labor market has been underserved for decades. Investors and Venture Capital firms have state of the art tools to help them find, sort, segment and identify startups but people that are going to be working at those startups only see about 50% of the opportunities that are available to them. Simply login to Employbl and head to the Companies tab, click Filters and enter the investment funding round you're interested in, such as Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B etc.

Find Recent Startup Funding Rounds

On the "Companies" page when you search for a funding round like "Series A companies" you'll be looking for startups currently at the "Series A" stage meaning their most recent funding round was a Series A investment round. (As a tangent, "Series A" means investors buy Class A shares of the company which is a class of preferred stock that they can sell to other investors later to make money.) On the companies page you can sort by the total amount of money that companies have raised or sort by the year they were founded but it doesn't really give you insight into when their Series A (or Seed, Series B etc) funding round happened. For that we have the Funding Rounds dashboard.

On the Funding Rounds dashboard you can see recent investment rounds and sort by investment round. For instance to see recent Pre-Seed, Seed or Series A funding rounds in San Francisco you can use combined filters:
Find Recent Startup Funding Rounds

Here we can see there's data about over 3,000 funding rounds. This'll show all Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A fundraising rounds that have been raised by companies that are headquartered out of San Francisco. The most recent funding rounds are at the top. So if you login today you'll see these companies where you can click on their profiles to learn more about them:

  • LatchBio: $28 million Series A round announced in June 2022
  • GitStart: $5 million Seed round announced in May 2022.
  • Sleuth: $22 million Series A round announced in May 2022.
  • Flyp: $10 million Series A round announced in May 2022.

We're in the process of updating our data for July 2022 so should have more funding rounds in here soon!

Get started finding today's hottest startups

To access this dashboard create a free account with your email and a password. After confirming your email address is real you'll be able to login and find recent startup funding rounds or filter to find companies based on the investment stage. You can even filter by Venture Capital investment firm to only see companies that particular investors have invested in. You can see all the Venture Capital portfolios we're tracking on the companies page.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn. Otherwise happy hunting! Go find some amazing startups.

Connor Leech

Connor Leech

Founder at Employbl

Connor is the founder of Employbl. He writes the codes and even some articles like this one. He lives in San Francisco, CA.

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