Companies and startups that use Laravel

Jul 4, 2020

This is a list of companies in the USA that use the Laravel PHP framework to serve and delight their customers :)

Companies that use Laravel
tl;dr - this data about companies that use Laravel is available in CSV format here

If you’re like me you’re a big fan of the Laravel PHP framework. Coming from a Javascript background I found PHP pretty easy to learn as the syntax was similar. Having a full featured framework with a database connection, ORM and authentication out of the box was something I really appreciated when I began developing applications with Laravel about four years ago. Another important point for me was the Laravel community. I learned jQuery from Jeffrey Way back in 2012 and knew that he was a very smart developer and great teacher. He built and maintains [Laracasts](, a site completely dedicated to supporting the community and teaching people how to build things with Laravel and Javascript. Since beginning programming in Laravel I’ve enjoyed how productive I can be with the Laravel framework and how inspiring the community is. It’s a high quality, open source tool actively being worked on and improved every day. The way I describe Laravel to the uninitiated is like Ruby On Rails but for PHP. With Laravel I feel like I can focus more on building products instead of choosing between frameworks, implementations and tools. Laravel has helped me personally become a more productive developer and enjoy the ride :)

Map of companies that use Laravel

Tech companies and startups that use the Laravel PHP frameworkd

Who hires Laravel developers?

One conundrum that I’ve discovered on my journey is that there seems to be a gap between the vibrant community of individual Laravel developers and startups and tech companies that use the framework. For developers this means that it can be hard to discern or find Laravel jobs or companies that use Laravel. When googling for companies that use Laravel the results include lots of spammy foreign companies and posts by third party recruitment agencies. There are definitely results but they can be hard to filter through.

On the employers side, finding Laravel developers to hire isn’t always easy. There are practically no coding bootcamps that teach PHP and Laravel. Freecodecamp doesn’t teach PHP or Laravel. College curriculums generally use Java, Python or Javascript instead of PHP. For these reasons many startups choose to build their products using Node.js, Ruby or Python instead of using Laravel and PHP. Knowing you’ll be able to find and hire developers to write the code is an extremely important consideration for companies when choosing a tech stack. A perceived lack of PHP and Laravel talent is one reason why employers shy away from using the framework.

The data isn’t always clean..

In this post I’d like to feature awesome startup and tech companies that use Laravel in production or are migrating their services to use Laravel in production. Often it can be hard to tell what software companies use to deliver their services. Some of the resources are flat out wrong or hard to access. For instance, Stackshare hides most of their data behind a paywall. The data that is accessible lists dozens of companies that have no Laravel jobs or blatantly run on other technologies unrelated to PHP. When searching for companies that use Laravel there are many companies that offer Laravel development as service that clog up the results. There are some really awesome US based Laravel development firms like Tighten and The Control Group that we’ve included in this list. For the most part though this post is about bringing attention to tech companies and startups that have built their technology using the Laravel PHP framework.

How was this data collected?

The list was collated through research and my own experience in industry working as a Laravel developer. I’m sure that I’ve missed many companies. If you are a US based startup or development agency that runs on Laravel or works with Laravel regularly and you’d like to be added to this list please email me:

Who is this for?

We’re especially interested in highlighting US based businesses that employ and hire Laravel developers. Though it’s changing fast there are numerous hurdles to working for an employer in another country instead of a US based employer. This post is written for Laravel developers in the United States that are looking to work with Laravel in a professional capacity. It’s also meant for employers, tech companies and startups, so they can see how other companies are using the framework.

Listing 45 companeis that use Laravel..

Logo Name Description Location Website
ApproveMe Get Contracts Signed using Your WordPress Website. Start sending contracts, tracking activity and capturing signatures in minutes. San Francisco Chicago
Brightpearl Brightpearl provides a complete cloud-based back office solution to help retailers and wholesalers grow efficiently Austin
Carbon Analytics Providing a tech solution to carbon footprinting. Every business can be a green business. B-Corp founder member. San Francisco
CartHook CartHook empowers ecommerce merchants to thrive with new revenue from post-purchase upsells. Portland
CBS Interactive Truly premium content at scale San Francisco
Clearstream Powerful Texting Software For Your Church New York
ComplyAdvantage At ComplyAdvantage, we believe that compliance doesn’t have to be painful. Businesses need real-time financial crime insight to put them in (...) New York
Curology Clear skin can be life-changing, but it's not easy to see a dermatologist. At Curology, we provide prescription medications custom-formulate (...) San Francisco
Fathom Analytics Your website analytics should be simple, fast and privacy-focused. Victoria
Givebutter Givebutter is the fastest-growing new fundraising platform for groups, teams, companies and nonprofits to collect online donations, set up f (...) Washington
Go Energies Go Energies provides retail caliber tools to customers in the fuel industry, through technology, experience and education. Constantly updati (...) Wilmington
GoFundMe GoFundMe: The most trusted free online fundraiser platform. Start a crowdfunding campaign on the site with over $5 Billion Raised. Redwood City
Happy Cog Happy Cog designs websites, digital products, and experiences for global brands, media companies, higher education, and mission-driven nonpr (...) New York
HelloFresh America's Most Popular Meal Kit ✅ Most 5-Star-Reviews ✅ Now offering the most recipe variety ✅ Fresh and affordable Meal Delivery. Get Start (...) New York
HEROIC Cybersecurity Decentralized Cybersecurity powered by Artificial Intelligence. Using Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and the Blockchain, HEROIC is power (...) Provo
IDriveYourCar Your own personal driver on demand. Be driven in the comfort of your car at half the cost.
Inside Real Estate The Top Real Estate SaaS Solution for brokerages. Our platform includes: Lead Generation & Management, Integrated Real Estate CRM and a new, (...) Draper
Jogg Jogg is a video-powered feedback platform that allows your audience a better way to give you insight and feedback. Glendale
Kicksta Kickstart your Instagram following and convert your followers into customers. San Diego
KingsCrowd Get access to the first and only premium analytics and rating platform that enables informed startup investments. San Francisco
KittyHawk Kittyhawk unifies the mission, aircraft, and data to empower safe and effective drone operations San Francisco
MicroVentures MicroVentures connects angel investors with startups. It is the first online, equity based crowdfunding platform to enable venture capital f (...) Austin
Mission Control GG Mission Control GG is a mobile app where gamers can join recreational esports leagues, similar to their local adult softball league or colle (...) St. Louis
Modernize Here at Modernize, we’ve set out to create a fresh experience to connect contractors with homeowners looking to upgrade their home. Austin
Moment Moment is a global marketplace for creatives. We exist to inspire the creative in everyone. To get the right gear, learn new skills, take ep (...) Seattle Find your perfect neighborhood and home. Through our two websites, and, we're making a difference in the way (...) Chicago
Nerdery Nerdery is a digital business consultancy working at the leading edge of strategy, design and technology to help clients evolve and thrive. (...) Chicago
OnlineMedEd OnlineMedEd is focused on making adult learning as efficient and effective as possible. We address the problem of one-size-fits-all learning (...) Austin
Paxful Paxful is a leading peer-to-peer powered bitcoin marketplace and a universal money translator. Our mission is social justice through financi (...) New York
Phone2Action Phone2Action offers advocacy software that enables organizations to create grassroots marketing campaigns to influence public policy. Arlington
PriceSpider PriceSpider is an advanced retail data technology company that provides insights about consumer purchasing behavior for the world's largest (...) Irvine
ProGuides ProGuides was founded with one mission: to help gamers take their play to a new level. We create highly engaging courses with eSports pros, (...) Los Angeles
Reorg Reorg empowers financial and legal professionals with the information that matters, making sense of complex and opaque business information. New York
Shapeways Enabling product creation at scale is at the core of Shapeways’ innovative technology platform. By leveraging a global network of cutting-ed (...) New York ShineOn is an e-commerce platform that empowers the creation and sale of high quality, unique jewelry. New York
Snapwire Snapwire is a visual content production platform that brings your creative brief from idea to reality using our collaborative platform and w (...) Santa Barbara
Spark Hire Spark Hire's easy-to-use video interview software is trusted by 6000+ organizations making it the #1 video interviewing solution on the mark (...) Northbrook
SportsRecruits SportsRecruits is a platform that provides clubs, players and their families access to every college coach in the country. Club organization (...) Brooklyn
Spur Spur was created for businesses that want to spend less time dealing with the burdens of employment administration and more time focused on (...) Huntsville
Square We believe everyone should be able to participate and thrive in the economy. So we’re building tools that make commerce easier and more acce (...) San Francisco
Stitch Labs Inventory management for high-growth brands. San Francisco
The Control Group The Control Group Inc. is an award-winning web development and digital marketing company headquartered in San Diego, California. San Diego
Tighten Tighten is a software development agency specializing in PHP, Laravel, Craft CMS, and Vue.js development. Chicago
V Shred We are one of the fastest growing fitness and nutrition brands in the world. Since our launch in 2016, V Shred and Sculpt Nation have provid (...) Las Vegas

If you work at a company in the USA that uses Laravel in production and you're not on this list send me an email with your company's details. We will add you.