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51 Boston Startups to Watch

Updated on November 20, 2023
Connor Leech

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Connor Leech

These are startups headquartered in Boston, MA that have raised millions of dollars from Venture Capitalists and Private Equity firms. None have gone public yet and all are privately traded. These are the startups that have raised the most total money from financiers.

51 Boston Startups to Watch

Many thought Boston was going to be the center of the American tech startup scene in the 90s. It's home to MIT and Harvard as well as hundreds of other institutions of higher learning. The city is full of history and still boasts an active tech startup community.

In this post I used Employbl data to build a list of Top Boston Startups to Watch in 2022. You can login to the Employbl dashboard to further filter and sort this list in addition to viewing the 637 other companies that are headquartered in Boston that we have in the Employbl database. It's free to use. Free as in hugs.

Startup Tech Companies in Boston

I've sorted the list by companies that have raised the most money from financiers. You can click on a company profile to see their funding rounds, investors, job listings, industry, founded year, headquarters address, founded year, company logo and ✨more✨.

Company Name HQ City Year Founded Total Investment Amount Company Description
Snyk Boston, MA 2015 $1,356,999,936.00 Snyk Limited designs and develops security software. The Company offers a platform that enables users to find and fix vulnerabilities in their open source code before it goes into production. Snyk serves customers in the United Kingdom.
Circle Boston, MA 2013 $1,111,000,064.00 Circle helps businesses and developers harness the power of stablecoins for payments and internet commerce worldwide.
Perch Boston, MA 2019 $908,750,016.00 Perch is a technology-driven company that acquires and develops great ecommerce brands
Cybereason Boston, MA 2012 $750,600,000.00 Cybereason is a cybersecurity technology company founded in 2012.
Klaviyo Boston, MA 2012 $678,499,968.00 Klaviyo, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company offers marketing automation and email platform which enables users to access, store, analyze, and use transactional and behavioral data to power highly-targeted email and advertising campaigns. Klaviyo serves customers in the State of Massachusetts.
EzCater Boston, MA 2007 $420,790,016.00 ezCater, Inc. provides catering e-services. The Company hosts an online platform for browsing and selecting caterers, placing orders, and tracking the progress of orders.
Starburst Boston, MA 2017 $414,000,000.00 Starburst Data is a data access and analytics company that develops an SQL query engine. It provides fast and interactive enterprise-ready distribution, consisting of additional tooling and configurations, enabling data analysts to run fast analytic queries against various data sources ranging in size from gigabytes to petabytes.
Whoop Boston, MA 2012 $404,751,008.00 Whoop, Inc. provides health tracking and monitoring services through wearable fitness devices and mobile applications. The Company offers performance management, validation, podcasting, and advisory services. Whoop serves customers in the United States.
BitSight Technologies Boston, MA 2011 $400,600,000.00 BitSight transforms how organizations manage information security risk. The BitSight Security Ratings Platform applies sophisticated algorithms, producing daily security ratings that range from 250 to 900, to help manage third party risk, underwrite cyber insurance policies, benchmark performance, conduct M&A due diligence and assess aggregate risk.
Stride Funding Boston, MA 2018 $150,700,000.00 Stride Funding (AlmaPact Inc.) is a mission-driven company focused on enabling debt-free lives for students, by supplementing student loans with flexible income sharing agreements. Unlike student loans that lock students into a single rigid payment, Stride’s payments rise and fall with a student’s income so that payments are always affordable.
Vendr Boston, MA 2018 $131,954,376.00 Vendr is on a mission to bring fair pricing to SaaS.
Algorand Boston, MA 2017 $126,000,000.00 Algorand, LLC provides software solutions. The Company designs and develops digital currency and transactions platform to address the blockchain scaling challenges. Algorand offers its services in the United States.
Jellyfish Boston, MA 2017 $114,500,000.00 Jellyfish is the leading Engineering Management Platform, providing complete visibility into engineering organizations, the work they do, and how they operate. By analyzing engineering signals and contextual business data, Jellyfish enables engineering leaders to align engineering decisions with business initiatives and deliver the right software, efficiently, on time.
Lightmatter Boston, MA 2017 $113,000,000.00 A Giant Leap
TetraScience Boston, MA 2014 $99,145,000.00 Building the R&D Data Cloud for Life Sciences.
Ermetic Boston, MA 2019 $97,250,000.00 Ermetic enables enterprises to protect cloud infrastructures (IaaS/PaaS) from access-related risks and misconfigurations by maintaining continuous visibility into identities, their entitlements and data usage. By combining analytics with granular, full stack insight, Ermetic makes it possible to enforce least privilege access at scale even in the most complex cloud environments.
Panorama Education Boston, MA 2012 $92,670,000.00 We're on a mission to improve student outcomes by helping schools and districts act on data.
mabl Boston, MA 2016 $76,099,000.00 The leading intelligent test automation platform built for CI/CD
Quantopian Boston, MA 2011 $48,800,000.00 Quantopian Inc. develops online investment platforms. The Company produces tools for building, testing, and executing trading algorithms. Quantopian operates in Boson, Massachusetts.
Yesware Boston, MA 2010 $47,000,000.00 All-in-one toolkit for sales professionals and sales teams.
Merlin Labs Boston, MA 2017 $46,000,000.00 All of the sky, none of the limits.
Legacy Boston, MA 2010 $45,150,000.00 Legacy is the Fatherhood company. Incubated @ Y Combinator and Harvard Innovation Labs. Backed by Bain Capital & others.
Reggora Boston, MA 2016 $43,875,000.00 Driving appraisal innovation
RAMP HOLDINGS INC. Boston, MA 2007 $41,750,000.00 Ramp Holdings Inc. of the United States offers software solutions. The Company provides provides software-as-a-service video management and delivery solutions to help organizations and large enterprises to interpret video content. Ramp Holdings serves customers in the United States.
AcuityMD Boston, MA 2019 $38,000,000.00 AcuityMD provides a platform for commercializing and improving medical devices with data. The platform brings clarity to the products used to treat patients, helping medical device companies expand access in their markets.
PROLETARIAT INC Boston, MA 2012 $37,650,000.00 We make games that change the way communities play together.
Apptopia Boston, MA 2011 $35,467,000.00 Apptopia, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company offers mobile applications for mobile publishers and developers, service providers, and investors. Apptopia serves customers in the State of Massachusetts.
Mightier Boston, MA 2016 $29,250,000.00 For kids with big emotions, Mightier is an accessible, fun, and safe way to learn lifelong calming skills through play.
Ori Boston, MA 2015 $27,115,000.00 Ori helps people live large in a small footprint by creating space on demand with robotic interiors.
Freight Farms Boston, MA 2013 $26,405,000.00 Freight Farms Inc. supplies food. The Company distributes fresh produce and provides other crop production solutions. Freight Farms markets to food service providers, schools, restaurants, farmers, grocery stores, disaster relief efforts, wholesale produce distributors, and developing communities throughout the United States.
NetNumina Solutions Boston, MA 1997 $25,000,000.00 NetNumina Solutions is a 2nd generation e-business systems integrator focused on creating mission-critical Internet solutions.
OnCorps Boston, MA 2011 $18,668,004.00 Systems that learn from your best decision makers, then guide others to improve performance.
Centaur Labs Boston, MA 2017 $15,885,849.00 Centaur Labs offers medical data labeling (classification, segmentation etc.) from a network of medical experts. Instead of having to choose between the high cost of hiring physicians or the low quality of crowdsourced/blended teams, they offer an alternative that leverages collective intelligence and performance based incentives.
DUST Identity Boston, MA 2018 $12,300,000.00 Dust Identity, Inc. provides diamond unclonable security tag. The Company offers the first-ever unclonable and uncompromisable security tracking solution for hardware authentication. Dust Identity, serves customers in the United States.
Nabla Bio Boston, MA 2020 $11,256,000.00 Nabla is an autoreverse platform that enables the rapid discovery of previously unattainable protein variants with supernatural qualities. Nabla Bio makes new medicines and improve nutrition by engineering novel proteins.
Skynet Labs Boston, MA 2014 $9,620,000.00 Skynet Labs builds uncompromising software infrastructure for the decentralized internet. It is a leader in the burgeoning blockchain and decentralized web ecosystems, and the core contributor and maintainer of the open-source Skynet project. Skynet is a revolutionary technology that will be the foundation for a free internet and builds on the team’s successful creation of Sia, the leading blockchain storage platform.
Extraprise Boston, MA 1997 $8,103,045.00 Extraprise, Inc. operates as a systems integrator and business process outsourcer in customer management. Its insight-to-interaction solutions combine data management, business insight, demand generation, and customer management.
10% HAPPIER INC Boston, MA 2013 $8,100,000.00 Get better at feeling good. Meditations and mindfulness from the world’s best teachers.
Wanderu Boston, MA 2012 $8,050,000.00 The simplest way to book bus and train travel.
Shareaholic Inc Boston, MA 2009 $7,755,000.00 Shareaholic, Inc. develops and publishes content sharing plug-ins for the internet. The Company offers products such as web browser, website, and blog tools. Shareaholic serves customers worldwide.
LearnLux Boston, MA 2014 $7,061,745.00 Award-Winning Financial Wellbeing for the Modern Workplace
PreVeil Boston, MA 2015 $7,000,000.00 Simple. Private. Encrypted Email & File Sharing. Built for Business. Easy for Individuals.
Zeta Surgical Boston, MA 2018 $5,200,000.00 Zeta Surgical develops augmented reality tools to bring quality image guidance into a wider range of procedures. Its tools help to overlay 3D anatomical images like ultrasound and CT scans inside patients while tracking and displaying positions of surgical instruments along with their blueprints for the procedure.
Tolemi Boston, MA 2013 $3,175,000.00 A smart city technology product company that helps state and local governments take a data-driven approach to rebuild cities and towns.
PharmaCCX Boston, MA 2017 $3,000,000.00 PharmaCCX, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company offers platform that catalyzes pricing and procurement of medicine by healthcare payers and accelerates patient access to the medicines available for their diseases.. PharmaCCX serves customers in the State of Massachusetts.
Acho Boston, MA 2020 $2,350,000.00 Data warehouse everyone can use
Alpha Vantage Inc. Boston, MA 2017 $2,226,000.00 Building the platform for the next generation of financial market participants
Nextera Robotics Boston, MA 2019 $1,850,000.00 Nextera Robotics is an industrial robotics and AI company
Finch Boston, MA 2020 $1,800,000.00 Finch is an all-in-one checking and investing account that puts your money to work for you.
KaiPod Learning Boston, MA 2021 $1,625,000.00 KaiPod Learning delivers a deeply personal education for each child with an experiential curriculum tailored to their interests, a learning platform that allows them to move at their own pace, and 1:1 support from an on-site Coach.
HigherMe Boston, MA 2014 $1,620,000.00 HigherMe is all-in-one hiring software for restaurant and retail businesses to easily recruit, screen, interview, and onboard employees.

If you have any questions about Employbl or this list let me know on LinkedIn. This list is available in CSV format here. Create a free Employbl account here.

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