51 Most In-Demand Tech Jobs Right Now

Updated on November 20, 2023
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Connor Leech

We queried more than 40k job listings from over one thousand tech companies and startups to see the most in demand job titles. If you're looking for a job in tech in 2022 these are the positions that tech companies are hiring for.

51 Most In-Demand Tech Jobs Right Now

At Employbl we've collected publicly accessible web data on over ten thousand tech companies and startups primarily based throughout the United States. We collect data about where the company headquarters is, how much money they've raised from Venture Capitalists, Angels or Private Equity firms. We track what investors have invested in the companies and in what fundraising round (Seed, Series A, Series B etc). We store when the company was founded and even who the founder is. One thing we're building out currently is pulling in job listings. What are these companies hiring for? In this post we'll share the most popular job listings in the United States tech industry and a bit more informations about the companies themselves that are doing the hiring.

We've pulled in over 40,000 active job listings to date. Most of these job listings are pulled from a popular Applicant Tracking System (ATS) called Greenhouse that provides a publicly accessible API endpoint to fetch jobs. This means the jobs are active according to the company's own system. As we develop the product and our job listings functionality more for job seekers we'll start to pull in data from other sources but for now it's plenty of data and I think we can already gain some insights.

Without further ado here are the most in demand job titles in the tech industry right now..

🔥 Most In Demand Tech Jobs Right Now

Job Title Number of Job Listings Number of Companies Hiring
Sales Development Representative 345 163
Senior Software Engineer 320 194
Enterprise Account Executive 263 93
Software Engineer 256 160
Customer Success Manager 229 143
Account Executive 223 132
Senior Product Manager 186 124
Product Manager 175 143
Senior Product Designer 175 129
Engineering Manager 149 110
Product Designer 141 111
Senior Data Engineer 139 76
Technical Recruiter 132 98
Senior DevOps Engineer 127 80
Site Reliability Engineer 121 81
Data Engineer 120 88
Business Development Representative 116 77
Sales Engineer 110 55
DevOps Engineer 104 85
Solutions Architect 103 48
Account Manager 101 51
Product Marketing Manager 95 84
Solutions Engineer 92 40
Executive Assistant 91 82
Senior Data Scientist 90 55
Senior Technical Recruiter 89 65
Recruiter 83 62
Data Scientist 80 64
Data Analyst 73 65
Technical Account Manager 72 42
Technical Sourcer 71 48
Senior Backend Engineer 70 53
Commercial Account Executive 69 30
Project Manager 67 45
Recruiting Coordinator 67 54
Senior Full Stack Engineer 67 36
Technical Support Engineer 66 42
Senior Accountant 64 59
Senior Site Reliability Engineer 64 46
Mental Health Occupational Therapist 63 1
Senior Sales Engineer 62 21
Enterprise Sales Executive 61 10
Staff Software Engineer 60 40
Machine Learning Engineer 58 40
Enterprise Customer Success Manager 57 26
Senior Product Marketing Manager 57 47
Full Stack Engineer 56 48
Senior Account Executive 56 27
Technical Program Manager 56 49
Senior Security Engineer 54 28
Backend Engineer 53 43

In the far left column is the job title the companies are hiring for, followed by the number of open job listings with that job title. In the final column is the number of unique companies that are hiring for that job title right now. We can see from the data that there are a lot of senior engineering jobs, but sales takes the cake.

ğŸ”Ž About these jobs

Sales Development Representative (SDR) and Enterprise Account Executive (AE) are both sales positions responsible for bringing in new business. Customer Success Managers (CSM) are responsible for making sure existing customers are happy, using the software and will continue paying their bills. Product Managers (PM) guide the engineering team, prioritize things and think up what to build (I think. No one really knows what PMs do tbh... jk jk). Product Designers sketch wireframes and mockups of what the engineers should build, collect customer feedback and think of user flows. DevOps engineers are responsible for making sure the system keeps running "in the cloud" and can scale to handle all of the usage. Software Engineers (SWE) write code that runs on servers to make the software product a reality. Recruiters and Sourcers are responsible for finding candidates and making sure people get hired. There are a lot of job titles here and lots of opportunity. I hope you find this helpful as a snapshot of what companies in the tech industry are hiring for right now.

👋🏼 About Employbl

At Employbl we're building tools for candidates to help you discover your next opportunity. We do this by providing timely and comprehensive data about tech companies, financing rounds and job listings. Feel free to try our software it doesn't cost anything. You can also hit me up on twitter with questions or concerns.

Connor Leech

Connor Leech

Founder at Employbl

Connor is the founder of Employbl. He writes the codes and even some articles like this one. He lives in San Francisco, CA.

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