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Video Editor/ Motion Graphics Animator (Freelance) - Seed

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Job Title
Video Editor/ Motion Graphics Animator (Freelance)
Job Location
Los Angeles or Remote
Job Description

You are an extraordinary combination of right-and left-brain—USPs and visual storytelling; growth and brand. You can intuit, concept and create assets that help us grow.

You will be responsible for executing growth-focused assets across landing pages, email drip campaigns, product explainer videos, 101s, infographics, and most critically, paid social ads—especially those in motion. You are the perfect synthesizer of direct response best practices (that convert) and branding best practices (that communicate who we are and are not dilutive). You think deeply about how type and imagery dance together, and about how juxtaposition and timing can mean the difference between working and not working. You deeply understand the native gestures of the platform you’re designing for, how humans use that platform, and how the UX / UI of an asset optimizes for growth. Other companies share your work internally as an example of great design and sophisticated branding, while also feeling clever, clear and intelligent. You are obsessed with the space between data and beauty and will obsessively optimize and tweak as we learn. 

You will collaborate with our small but agile design, data and marketing team—focused on creating compelling and innovative ways to translate complex scientific and health-related concepts, as a part of communicating Seed’s brand message, category education, and product differentiation to a global audience across various channels. You also consider behavioral science, trends and insights, the nuance of copy and language, and you understand the human cues of growth advertising and communicating. Your portfolio speaks to all of this—from :06 second social posts to full :90 second commercials to mini documentary pieces to a single powerful image with type that immediately communicates. 

What you'll do: 

  • Conceive, craft, and execute dynamic video edits that captivate a social-driven audience and hit KPI goals determined by our growth and data team.
  • Be scrappy and resourceful in re-purposing assets, making stock beautiful, and creating in creative ways—you go away and come back with ideas and concepts that everyone Slacks about while you’re presenting . Even your first boards elicit lots of internal emojis. 
  • Collaborate across growth, brand, creators, and even our R+D team to gather data and synthesize in creative. 
  • Develop best practice trending content editing techniques to enhance content performance across paid social, as well as extend content across organic social.
  • Continually survey and discuss social media, digital and cultural trends and happenings.
  • Master of all aspects of video Post Production including editing, color grading, sound design and mastering for delivery across all social media platforms.

Who you are:

  • 4+ years of digital design and growth design experience
  • Expert in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Experience managing other editors is a plus
  • Deep understanding and expertise on all social platforms and traditional media
  • Proficient with After Effects—Motion / Text Animation Skills Required
  • Experience directing and camera operation at a DP level is a major plus
  • Experience in DTC (especially, Wellness, Health, a plus)
  • Communicating science is a major plus
  • Experience concepting and executing within brand identities and respective brand guidelines
  • Extensive experience with e-commerce and growth-related performance design, especially landing pages, emails, and paid social assets
  • Experience creating infographic or data visualizations
  • Asset management—track changes in aspect ratios and resolutions across advertising platforms
  • Work inter-departmentally to balance the needs of growth and brand  
  • Interpret data-driven feedback provided by the growth team and external partners to create a variety of options for A/B testing (and maybe C / D / and E )
  • Positive and open to feedback, collaboration, and different styles of giving notes—all in the service of getting it right and doing our best work
  • Strong communicator
  • Curious experimenter
  • Consumer of culture and content
  • Empathic human that understands the power of visual storytelling and feels accountability for what and how we do that with beauty and integrity

Seed Headquarters Location

San Francisco, CA

Seed Company Size

Between 20 - 100 employees

Seed Founded Year


Seed Funding Rounds

  • Seed

    $120,000 USD

  • Series Unknown

    $5,000,000 USD

  • Seed

    $650,000 USD

  • Seed

    $120,000 USD