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Technical Product Manager
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Why Hunt Club?

When it comes to hiring the best people, relationships are everything. Hunt Club helps companies scale by leveraging trusted relationships through service and technology. 

We help companies find the best high-level talent by utilizing our proprietary technology that transforms thousands of subject matter experts into the world’s most powerful network along with arming our partners with a talent strategy team that is committed to delivering the best recruiting experience for everyone. 

What We're Looking for

As a Technical Product Manager at Hunt Club, you will help define the scope and data roadmap. You will closely partner with the Data Engineering team to bring to life the value of the technical work the team is doing - both translating non-technical user needs to Engineering and translating the technical work into tangible business use cases and value for users. This will ultimately ensure that data is always accurate, reliable, timely and used in innovative ways to drive customer value. How data is structured and deployed for customers is critical to the success of Hunt Club’s vision.

We are looking for someone with strong technical experience who has a demonstrated track record of collaboration between technical and business stakeholders. They thrive on perfecting data and leveraging it to its fullest potential.

The role will report to the VP, Product and will partner closely with business leaders across the organization.

What You'll Do

  • Serve as an evangelist for the Data Engineering work, making their roadmap come alive through active and constant tangible use case applications for business stakeholders and feature product/engineering teams 
  • Manage the technical roadmap, progress against goals, and communication on plans and progress to the larger org and customers. 
  • Serve as a liaison between Data Engineering and Feature teams, providing technical feedback on data related topics and ensuring roadmap coordination
  • Provide QA and testing on data and algorithm solutions, ensuring high quality solutions that support delightful customer experiences.
  • Use database queries to analyze performance indicators, evaluate experiments, and measure progress to goals
  • Facilitate the creation and maintenance of proper product documentation
  • Research tech trends, see how they impact your roadmap, and how they drive innovation
  • Understand technical challenges and make educated trade-offs in collaboration with Data Engineering and Feature teams
  • Collaborate with users to ensure the voice of the customer is incorporated into the data roadmap

Who You Are

  • You love data and know how to make it powerful. You are constantly looking for ways to make data come to life and you love testing, validating, and driving value out of data. You have deep experience with data and working with Data Science and Engineering and/or Analytics teams.
  • You are a natural technical translator. You can bring to life what may look like technical jargon to enable the product vision and you love listening to non-technical teams to translate the business value and need to technical teams.
  • You get things done. You don’t sit on the sidelines waiting for direction and you don’t stay put in research mode. You are constantly learning, iterating, and building work with your team to add value to the business and user.
  • You love empathizing users. You are constantly interacting with users to figure out what to build next, but you don’t stop there. You step into the shoes of your users and really empathize with them. And last but not least, you act on what you hear and seek to build products that will delight your users..
  • You don’t presume you have the best idea in the room. You love working with Engineering, Design, stakeholders and your end users to identify the right solution together.
  • You are an expert at prioritization. You can take any number of requests and quickly prioritize them to unblock your team and keep moving forward on the most valuable features.
  • You are data driven. Everything comes back to data for you. Even when you don’t have the data to support a hypothesis, you are constantly thinking of ways to test and validate it with data.
  • You are skilled at all things communication. Working across multiple teams across the company, you know how important effective communication is and you have it written and dispersed to the right people before anyone has to ask.

Our Always Care Values

  • We take pride in our work
  • We elevate others
  • We figure it out together
  • We ask "why"?
  • We do what's right



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Chicago, IL

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Between 200 - 500 employees

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  • Series B

    $40,000,000 USD

  • Series A

    $10,000,000 USD

  • Series Unknown

    $1,800,000 USD

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