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Job Title
Talent Acquisition Coordinator
Job Location
Los Angeles, CA
Job Description

In an ecosystem such as ours that values the how of our external touch points, an intentional and thoughtful recruiting experience is a top priority–– and strategic, galaxy-class talent acquisition and retention is a foundational KPI. How this gets accomplished is largely dependent on you and your ability to be the glue in communicating with our potential new hires, our hiring managers, and following through on the hiring plans we set–– interviews to be scheduled + rescheduled, feedback to be tracked + communicated, job descriptions to be updated + posted, applications to be reviewed + responded to, and sourcing + outreach leads to explore.

You are buoyed by mountains of emails, slacks, texts, asana tasks, recruiting software upkeep, LinkedIn job posts, and efficiently mine each communications stream for details that will help you do your job without having to ask; you see the matrix in backlogs of scheduling requests, digital paperwork, tracking of responses, and understand the growth opportunity to be had in being immersed in the minutiae. Without you, critical and time sensitive interviews wouldn’t get on the calendar, hiring plan stakeholders are misaligned or missing key updates, and more importantly, we are losing potential galaxy-class talent in a competitive hiring market. “Closing the loop” is an obsession of yours.

You are an exceptional writer of the less-is-more bent; you understand that your email is often one of the first touch points a recruit has with our ecosystem, and that first impressions are irretrievable. Discretion is your baseline operational foundation, and you know that getting to the point in a kind, professional, and friendly manner is where you’re most effective. You re-read, grammar check, and “reply-all vs. reply vs. cc vs. bcc” check every email you send. Emails aren’t conversations to you; they are clear steps to action. Clean, succinct subject headers, to do’s + follow ups carefully tee’d up, attachments and naming conventions with dates inserted––these are all a part of your communication hygiene regimen and you’ve never written emails any other way.

Diligent is your middle name; you wake up every morning with a clear action plan and list of priorities that you tackle head on, and you also know how to re-prioritize at the drop of a hat when urgent needs shift (and in a high growth startup, they will definitely shift). You loathe stagnancy and find efficiencies in everything. You anticipate ahead of time when timelines are in jeopardy of falling off track, and you know when your time and tasks need to be prioritized amidst an onslaught of incoming needs.

For our largely remote work environment with talent being sourced globally (think time zones 15+ hours apart), there’s the fine art of scheduling—in the post 2020 work culture that we now find ourselves in, scheduling across hemispheres even for a 30 minute intro call is the norm, and the balancing act of respecting one’s time zone vs. making accommodations for stakeholders is delicate. It is all a part of our new remote and fully globalized digital world that you already mastered long before the pandemic and if not, then you certainly made yourself an expert by the end of March 2020.

What you’ll do:

  • Support Sr Mgr of Talent Acquisition in end-to-end recruiting strategy implementation through industry and market research, job postings, recruiting software implementation, and data collection and maintenance.
  • Support a thoughtful candidate experience through project management skills– tracking communications, diligently following up between internal and external parties on next steps, and keeping stakeholders informed.
  • Support internal team calendars + cross-coordinate to schedule recruiting interviews, ensuring calendar invites are clearly named, issued, and RSVP'd to.
  • Support efficiency of calendaring by proactively confirming and resolving conflicts that may arise as schedules shift between internal stakeholders and recruits.
  • Support Sr Mgr of Talent Acquisition in partnerships with external recruiting agencies– distributing agendas + taking notes in weeklies, tracking candidate submissions, and following up on next steps.
  • Diligently maintain recruiting software platform and job posting accounts with up-to-date job descriptions and relevant supporting information that reflects a galaxy-class recruitment process.
  • Diligently track all incoming submissions across recruiting pipelines in our recruiting software platform and ensure our candidates are being thoughtfully communicated with and considered, keeping hiring managers accountable for review + follow through.
  • Diligently maintain and organize internal drive folders with job descriptions, hiring plan briefs, and other tracking sheets to keep support hiring managers in their process.
  • Coordinate and distribute weekly recruiting updates / communications between hiring managers and Sr Mgr of Talent Acquisition

Who you are: 

  • 1-2 years of administrative and/or coordinator experience in high-volume environment requiring timely and effective communication between multiple parties/departments/external stakeholders.
  • Exceptional writer and communicator; impeccable grammar + spelling.
  • Effective manager of Google Calendar and Drives, and keen, detail-oriented ability to manage calendars and busy inboxes by taking action, tracking, and following up as needed.
  • Excellent communication, teamwork, interpersonal, and customer service skills; innate sense of professionalism, discretion, diplomacy, tact, and friendliness both in person and digitally.
  • Keen listener and recorder of instructions and details in fast-paced environment and ability to process and act on instructions quickly; fastidious follow-upper.
  • Extremely versatile and resourceful.
  • Meticulous project management skills.
  • Technologically savvy—GSuite, Asana, Slack, etc.
  • Comfortable working internationally across time zones and cultures.
  • Commitment to expanding our spectrum of diverse perspectives with informed, inclusive approach to communications, and challenging/being aware of unconscious bias.
  • Insatiably curious, kind and empathetic with an unrivaled work ethic.

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San Francisco, CA

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Between 20 - 100 employees

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    $120,000 USD

  • Series Unknown

    $5,000,000 USD

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    $650,000 USD

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    $120,000 USD