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Found is a modern weight care platform and community focused on integrated support. According to a recent CDC study, nearly 50% of Americans want to lose weight, and on average, Americans have gained 30 lbs during the pandemic. But the existing weight loss industry focuses on shame - if you don’t have the willpower to eat less and workout more, you aren’t trying hard enough.

Modern science shows us that weight care is complex - food and movement are important, but so are hormones, genetics, sleep, stress, mental health, and daily habits. Found's unique approach incorporates resources and tools for behavior changes, a digital app with guided programming, an online community, and if indicated, medical and prescription solutions.

Research shows that addressing weight health reduces the long-term risk of diabetes, heart disease, and some forms of cancer. We believe in giving our community tools that will help them add years to their lives and reach their goals.  We believe it’s not just what you’ve lost, it’s what you’ve Found.  Found has raised more than $130mm from leading investors, including Atomic, GV, WestCap, IVP, TCG, Define Ventures and more.

The Opportunity

Found is seeking senior and staff designers that are looking to push the boundaries of their craft and problem solving skillsets. Our mission is to end the obesity epidemic by building the widest set of tools for people who struggle with their weight. It requires a certain personality type to invest your energy here given that nobody has been able to solve this problem at scale. While we have found solid success with the product we’ve built to date, we’re just getting started at addressing needs and problems around stigmas, self blaming, accessibility, community building, and accountability networks. In order to develop successfully, we’re looking to bring on Yoda-level design talent who have insatiable thirst for both problem solving and crafting solutions. This year we will be doubling the size of our product design org and we have a strong focus on ensuring our culture stays strong. If you’re looking to join a team that is looking to bring award winning, premium, designs to an industry that is often neglected, a culture of radical candor and pushing one another to continuously push boundaries, and dive deep into ambiguity and autonomy to uncover, identify, and plan the next set of problems for us to tackle, we’d love to connect and see if there’s a fit.

In this role, you’ll be reporting to the Head of Product Design and working alongside cross functional leaders at our rapidly growing company. The expectations are that you’re eager to be an owner and thrive in environments that require you to balance pragmatism, pushing boundaries, and rapid iterations. Given that obesity has never had a scalable solution (and that’s what we’re looking to build), there’s still so much room to explore what tools help our diverse population make progress towards their goals.

While we’re strategic about domain expertise, you should expect to work across mobile, web, tools, research, and brand. The products and features we build for our members often require tooling for coaches and doctors to interact accordingly and while it’s still sustainable to achieve, we’re looking for people who love developing the end to end experience across a system.

What we need:

Yoda-level craft

You dabble with all creative tools, but feel masterful in a few. Typography, color, layout are your bread and butter. You can easily apply that knowledge to motion design, mobile and web, AR, 3d, and video production. You’re a mad scientist who just stumbled into a creative field and love experimenting and pushing to bring the future closer to today. You can manage any level of chaotic Figma auto-layout nesting, and thrive at keeping design systems organized. You can prototype at any level of fidelity but know what needs to be used in order to get the right answers solved. You feel comfortable building workshops and leading research when needed.

Tarantino-level storytelling

You’re able to inspire, clarify, and teach through storytelling across all levels of leadership. You believe that content-strategy is just as important as the UI and have a strong portfolio of craft experiences beyond the pixels and helping people feel and believe in the Why behind what you’re building.

Tardigrade-level resilience

You have a strong background building products with ambiguous or uncertain problem definition and are able to navigate a team through the chaos with grace and direction. You’re able to demonstrate moments where you have been able to fight for the right thing and win despite pushback as well as moments of letting things go in pursuit of progress despite not agreeing fully with the direction itself.

What You’ll Do:

Open up our platform

You should expect to work on projects that help expand our TAM and make it easier and more enjoyable to access Found. This involves growth projects, giving people opportunities to share their experiences, allowing people to pay only for what they need, and ensuring we build for a diverse set of accessibility concerns.

Work with doctors and coaches

Our doctors and coaches are also our members. You will design tools that help them provide better care.

Behavior change and beyond

Part of our program involves helping people adopt and practice healthier behaviors. We don’t believe there is once method that works for everyone, and in order to build a product that does (work for everyone) you should expect to be researching and crafting experiences that help people bring healthy changes to their life.

Build community

We are seeking to become the world’s largest community focused on weight related issues. You should expect to help us innovate across our social features as we continue to explore video, groups, live conversations, content creation, and more.

Explore monetization

As we continue to expand our product line, we will have more and more opportunities to make purchases in our app. Having working knowledge of mobile transactions will be extremely valuable here.

Expand our toolkit

Behavior change is not our only focus. Continuing to build tools for people to access, save, share, and practice what they need is something we’ll continue to invest in.

Represent customers

Being able to dive into data and defend the most important areas for us to focus are energy on must be a passion of yours.

Grow the voice of design 

Inside and out, we want to bring on designers who love to teach, coach, and elevate the process of design thinking.

Bonus Points 

  • 10+ years in product design in complex organizations
  • Background in graphic design or brand design
  • Strong illustration skills
  • Strong motion design skills
  • Background in Blender or C4D
  • Working level of Javascript
  • Working level of SQL
  • Riding the wave of Stable Diffusion and OpenAI
  • Experience with B2B design

What You’ll Get

  • Competitive compensation
  • Medical, dental, vision, and life insurance
  • PTO, company-paid holidays, parental leave
  • 401K, wellness and wifi perks
  • Flexible, remote-first work culture

Found is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  We seek and celebrate diversity in its many forms.  If you’re excited about this opportunity but do not meet 100% of the qualifications, we encourage you to apply.

Please review our CCPA policies.

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San Francisco, CA

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Between 50 - 100 employees

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    $60,000,000 USD

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    $12,750,000 USD

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    $1,150,000 USD

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    $800,000 USD

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