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Software Engineer
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Sydney / Melbourne
Job Description

At Topsort, we're reshaping the e-commerce landscape with our cutting-edge growth media infrastructure and tools. We believe in making advertising intuitive, intelligent, and genuinely cool, without any of the creepy ads or cookie-obsession (well, maybe just the chocolate ones). In a rapidly changing industry, we're on a mission to democratize monetization access for all and ensure that advertising doesn't leave any brand or seller feeling confused or overwhelmed.

Our team is all about straightforward communication, embracing feedback without taking it personally, and fostering a super collaborative environment. We thrive on working together, lifting each other up, and getting things done with a sense of urgency. We're the kind of team that loves making bold choices, sharing extraordinary opinions, and maintaining a 100mph pace. No endless meetings here – if it can be done today, we're all about getting it done today.

As a Software Engineer at Topsort you will build back-end services, APIs, and front-end experiences to support our mission: democratizing auction-based infrastructure for all marketplaces. Our first product is sponsored listings as a service. We automate and simplify auctions so that any advertiser, especially small ones, can compete successfully. It’s not easy. We use our game and auction theory expertise; implement real-time, scalable, always-available systems; and build an intuitive, easy-to-use UI for managing campaigns.

We’re looking for people who want to build successful products, are comfortable with data, like learning new technologies, can handle many moving parts, and enjoy wearing different hats -- we’re a start-up!

We’re developing:

  • Scalable, fast services for running auctions
  • Financial systems -- ledgers, payments, invoicing, billing, etc.
  • Simple machinery for small vendors to optimize their advertising spend
  • Big data models for predicting customer behavior
  • Tools for our product and customer teams that streamline marketplace integration
  • Our stack: Go, PostgreSQL, Typescript, React, View, Kubernetes, Terraform

What this job will look like

  • You will collaborate with the development team to build a software architecture that allows for orderly code that is easy to work with.
  • You'll analyze and implement technological solutions in the development of Topsort products.
  • You will get the opportunity to improve customer experience.
  • You'll propose process or technology improvements to implement.

What we are looking for

  • You have a minimum of 2 years of experience doing software development.
  • You do well-solving problems and making others understand you clearly.
  • You are able to write professional-grade code that is easy to understand and modify, choosing appropriate technologies to achieve your objectives.
  • You are able to express yourself with precision, transparency, and honesty (ex: "I ignored you because I thought it was better to do it my way, sorry, I will correct this next time"). This applies both to verbal communication and text communication tools like Slack, Notion, and Medium.
  • You are willing to learn and to do things outside of your direct scope - like everyone else on the team.

Plus, we're also interested in: 

  • Production services
  • Financial or payments technology -- Stripe and other payment processors
  • Cloud platforms -- AWS, GCP, Azure
  • UI Frameworks -- React, Next
  • Infrastructure automation -- Terraform, Kubernetes
  • Big Data -- Spark, Redshift
  • Economics, auction or game theory
  • Functional programming
  • Security: OWASP, SOX, PCI/DSS GDPR, ISO 2700x

What is it like to work at Topsort?

  • Silicon Valley to the World: We were born in the pandemic by Stanford and Harvard alum cofounders who offers remote-working options with coworking memberships and (at least) once a year in person offsite gathering.
  • Valued for Your Individuality: From personalized birthday gifts to work anniversaries, and management training program or in-person gatherings or career talks and mentorships, part-time DJs and tik-tok vloggers are also commercial leaders and technical staff at Topsort. We don’t take management with a cookie cutter approach - but rather we cherish your quarkes and think it makes us stronger.
  • Constant Improvement: The best way to grow is by doing, Topsort team is made of action-driven, intelligent, and curious individuals who are constantly seeking improvements and reinventions that lead to be a better output and never content with the status quo.
  • Embrace a Sports Team Mentality: We are all helpful and collaborative internally. You are ultimately surrounded by just different people that are all here to help you get the job done and shine as team.
  • Direct and Speedy: We give candid feedback, push each other to set higher goals and produce more impact by always thinking “how do we do this faster and better”
  • Employee Stock Option Plan: Because we believe every person who is joining an early stage fast growing startup should be incentivized as the company grows.

Topsort is an equal-opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

 Are you ready to apply? Email HR@TOPSORT.COM





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Topsort Headquarters Location

Palo Alto, CA

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Topsort Company Size

Between 20 - 100 employees

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Topsort Funding Rounds

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  • Series A

    $20,000,000 USD

  • Seed

    $8,500,000 USD

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