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Senior UI/UX (XD) Creative
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Kuala Lumpur
Job Description

Media.Monks is a digital-first marketing and advertising services company connecting the dots across content, data & digital media and technology services. Inspired by the connectivity and flexibility of technology APIs, Media.Monks’ single-P&L model offers brands seamless access to a nearly 6,000-strong team of digital talent organized across 57 offices in 31 countries. 

With us, you'll find a diverse group of colleagues with different backgrounds and perspectives. We believe everyone has something of value to offer, and that sustaining a truly diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace begins with fostering an environment where people can be themselves, authentically, every day. We want to build something with the potential to change the heart of our industry, and we’d love to include your unique perspective.

We’re hiring a brilliant and thoughtful digital tastemaker to craft top–notch designs for the world's highest–profile brands. This is a global listing as we operate around the world. If you’re a match, we’re confident we will find the right fit for you and your personal situation.


Role & Key Responsibilities

  • Be part of an international team that crafts amazing work for the world’s biggest brands under the guidance of a creative director, design director or lead designer.
  • Translate brand values, creative ideas, and concept development into digital solutions such as websites and apps, as well as immersive experiences and digital activations by leveraging on expertise in UI/UX design, platform knowledge (e.g. website, apps, AR and etc.), and logical thinking to enhance the user experience within the dynamic and ever-evolving digital landscape.
  • Go beyond the original brief to elevate the user experience and explore creative and technical possibilities.
  • Collaborates with stakeholders, clients, and team members to comprehend the project goals, objectives, and target audience. Your contribution lies in strategic planning and the development of creative concepts specifically for digital platforms, with a strong focus on enhancing the user experience. Your aim is to ensure that these concepts align with the brand's vision and objectives.
  • Provide guidance and direction throughout the UI/UX design process, ensuring the creation of intuitive, user-friendly interfaces, and ensure the design elements are aligned with the proposed creative vision and deliver engaging digital experiences.
  • Employing your problem–solving skills to analyze, evaluate and identify areas where improvements can be made to enhance usability, streamline workflows, or address user pain points. As a senior creative platform, you leverage your problem-solving skills to address challenges and find innovative solutions throughout the creative process.
  • Effectively present your work to colleagues and clients, both in-person and through video calls. This includes pitching new projects and proposals for production, showcasing your ideas and designs. In situations where additional clarity is required, you will create prototypes to provide a visual representation and further explanation of your concepts.
  • Provide written and verbal communication to articulate and strengthen your ideas/designs/UI/UX.
  • Have opinions and not be afraid to voice them.

Become our new Senior UI/UX (XD) Creative

Working at MediaMonks means you’ll be part of a fun, successful and fast-moving company that constantly pushes the envelope when it comes to creative production. Challenges are part of the job, but so is our casual company culture. If you meet and exceed this profile, we’d love to meet you.


  • You’re a wonderful creative platform. You demonstrate a remarkable combination of skills that encompass visual design, logical thinking, and technical prowess. Your online portfolio and significant experience of around 5 years in the digital and web/app design field showcase your expertise in these areas. 
  • Not only do you excel in creating visually appealing designs, but you also possess a sharp logical thinking ability that enables you to approach complex problems with innovative solutions. Additionally, your technical proficiency allows you to effectively implement and execute your creative ideas within the digital platform landscape. Your portfolio exemplifies your mastery of visual design, logical thinking, and technical processes, making you a valuable asset in the realm of creative platforms.
  • Your unwavering curiosity never stops you from learning and progressing. You love pushing the envelope both personally and professionally.
  • You love people and their diversity. You’re great to work with, as you have strong social and communication skills that ensure you understand how colleagues and clients work and think.
  • A feel for the politics of advertising and pitfalls of production.
  • A critical eye but you’re not critical. You understand that a combination of kudos and critique makes people want to go the extra mile.
  • A thorough understanding of design fundamentals such as typography, interaction design and usability, grid systems, white space, aspect ratios and colour theory, tying all of these elements together with obsessive attention to detail.
  • You feel confident in tackling high–end projects in collaboration with colleagues and clients alike.
  • You’re a proficient communicator (Mandarin is a bonus!) — able to provide clear updates on the development of projects and knowing how to describe issues and required actions to Monks in other offices
  • In addition to your mastery of all modern design and prototyping tools such as Adobe CS, Sketch, Figma, and Principle, you also possess a strong proficiency in creatively showcasing your ideas and concepts using tools like Google Slides. Your expertise in these tools allows you to effectively communicate and present your design concepts to colleagues and clients. Furthermore, your meticulous organizational skills shine through in your ability to maintain tidy files, layers, and folders, thereby making collaboration with colleagues smoother and more efficient.
  • Based on your experience and expertise, you can judge the quality of the user experience, and explain what needs to be achieved to make it better.
  • Mindful of your time, budget and schedule, you are flexible and willing to put in the time and dedication needed to make each project you work on a success.



About Media.Monks:

Media.Monks is on a mission to create a new future for this industry. Our vision? Build everything with a belief that changing for good comes from changing who does the work. Yep, that means you. Welcome to the party—one global, cross-cultural collective with a passion for using our skills to create better and a better world. That’s how we’re able to connect the dots between data, content, digital media, and technology from everywhere we are—a true end-to-end model. Joining the Media.Monks collective means having the opportunity to create award-winning work with some of the most gifted, focused, joyful, talents from all over the world.

At Media.Monks, you’ll be joining a highly ambitious company on a global mission to win the decade by changing the industry for good. Partner to 8 of the 10 most innovative companies in the world, Media.Monks works with established as well as up-and-coming global, regional, DTC and B2B brands, helping them own their data and build out customer ecosystems to elicit smart, efficient, high-impact engines for growth. We deliver table stakes quickly, creating cost efficiencies from day one to push up the creative effectiveness of our work with every cycle.

We are an equal-opportunity employer committed to building a respectful and empowering work environment for all people to freely express themselves amongst colleagues who embrace diversity in all respects. Including fresh voices and unique points of view in all aspects of our business not only creates an environment where we can all grow and thrive but also increases our potential to produce work that better represents—and resonates with—the world around us. 

While we continue to grow our teams, please be mindful of fraudulent job postings and recruiting activities that may use our company name and information. Please be mindful to protect your personal information, especially your national identification number, and bank account information during a recruiting process. While Media.Monks may reach out to potential candidates via LinkedIn, we will always ask applicants to apply through our website ( and will never ask for payment or bank account information during the recruitment process.

  • Responsible for resourcing and implementing security controls for your teams processes and systems
  • Responsible that all your personnel apply information security in accordance with the established information security policy

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