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Senior Software Engineer - Frontend - Foodsmart

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Senior Software Engineer - Frontend
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Remote (US)
Job Description
About us:
Foodsmart is the leading telenutrition and foodcare solution, backed by a robust network of Registered Dietitians. Our platform is designed to foster healthier food choices, drive lasting behavior change, and deliver long-term health outcomes. Through our highly personalized, digital platform, we guide our 2.2 million members—including those in employer-sponsored health plans, regional and national Medicaid managed care organizations, Medicare Advantage plans, and commercial insurers—on a tailored journey to eating well while saving time and money.

Foodsmart seamlessly integrates dietary assessments and nutrition counseling with online food ordering and cost-effective meal planning for the entire family, optimizing ingredients both at home and on the go. We partner with national and regional retailers across the U.S., many of whom accept SNAP/EBT, making healthier food more accessible. Additionally, we assist members with SNAP enrollment and management, providing tangible access to nutritious food.In 2024, Foodsmart secured a $200 million investment from TPG’s Rise Fund, which supports entrepreneurs dedicated to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. This investment will help us expand our reach, particularly to low-income workers who are disproportionately affected by diet-related diseases.

At Foodsmart, our mission is to make nutritious food accessible and affordable for everyone, regardless of economic status. We are committed to a set of core values that shape our culture and work environment:

Measured: We make data-driven, truth-seeking decisions.
Impactful: We are fueled by achieving our mission and vision.
Collaborative: We help each other be better and create a positive environment.
Hungry: We maintain a healthy growth mindset, seeking to overcome challenges with courage.
Joyful: We take joy in each other, our work, and the privilege of doing this work.

Whether you're a dietitian, a commercial leader, or a technologist, working at Foodsmart means being part of a team that is passionate, supportive, and driven by a shared purpose. Join us in transforming the way people access and enjoy healthy food.

Learn more at

About the role:
As a Senior Front-End Engineer at our company, you will be at the forefront of crafting two engaging and intuitive user interfaces: one for our diverse range of users seeking personalized nutrition advice, and the other for our registered dietitians delivering that expertise. You'll have a significant hand in shaping the core application that bridges nutrition seekers and providers, combining creativity with technology to influence lives positively. You have a passion for coding and a deep understanding of web technologies. You are a seasoned developer with a strong background in building scalable, high-quality, and high-performance user interfaces. Your ability to write clean, maintainable, and efficient code, coupled with your excellent problem-solving skills, sets you apart. You thrive in a collaborative team environment, able to communicate complex technical concepts effectively to your peers and stakeholders. You continuously keep abreast of new technology trends, bringing innovative ideas and improvement to the product and processes.

You will:
  • Develop and maintain the Foodsmart web application.
  • Collaborate with UX/UI designers to implement design into the code.
  • Define and maintain development practices including code reviews and unit testing to improve code quality and efficiency.
  • Collaborate with backend developers to design and implement APIs.
  • Work closely with the product team to understand end-user requirements, formulate use cases, and translate those into a pragmatic and effective technical solution.
  • Debug and fix issues across multiple browsers.
  • Stay up-to-date on emerging technologies and propose ways to apply them to the current and upcoming development.
  • You are:
  • Solid understanding of software engineering principles and strong knowledge of algorithms and data structures.
  • Understanding of responsive design, and experience with cross-browser compatibility and front-end development tools such as Babel, Webpack, NPM, etc.
  • Familiarity with code versioning tools, such as Git.
  • Strong problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and a disciplined approach to testing and quality assurance.
  • Ability to effectively communicate technical concepts to other members of the team and other stakeholders.
  • You have:
  • 5 years of proven experience in frontend development with JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, and React.js.
  • Knowledge of RESTful APIs and understanding of how to consume them.
  • Knowledge of database systems and SQL.
  • Exposure to Docker and working with applications to run in a container orchestration environment.
  • BS or MS in Computer Science or a related field.
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    Foodsmart Headquarters Location

    San Francisco, CA

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    Foodsmart Company Size

    Between 200 - 500 employees

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    Foodsmart Funding Rounds

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    • Series C

      $10,000,000 USD

    • Series Unknown

      $28,814,888 USD

    • Series C

      $25,000,000 USD

    • Debt Financing

      $5,000,000 USD

    • Series B

      $18,000,000 USD

    • Series B

      $18,000,000 USD

    • Series A

      $5,000,000 USD

    • Seed

      $1,500,000 USD

    • Seed

      $28,000 USD

    • Seed

      $3,500,000 USD

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