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Job Title
R&D Team Lead
Job Location
Tel Aviv, Israel
Job Description

Optimove is a global marketing tech company, recognized as a Leader by Forrester and a Challenger by Gartner. We work with some of the world's most exciting brands, such as Sephora, Staples, and Entain, who love our thought-provoking combination of art and science. With a strong product, a proven business, and the DNA of a vibrant, fast-growing startup, we're on the cusp of our next growth spurt. It's the perfect time to join our team of ~450 thinkers and doers across NYC, LDN, TLV, and other locations, where 2 of every 3 managers were promoted from within. Growing your career with Optimove is basically guaranteed. 


We are a group of technophiles who love big things that scale. As the leader in our group, you will need to:

  • Lead - Take over a team of 6 that develops and maintains systems that process TBs of data.
  • Execute - Make things happen and hone your leadership and mentorship skills.
  • Think outside of the box - Own legacy systems and gradually re-write them.
  • Innovate - Tackle advanced software engineering challenges, mainly in big data batch processing.
  • Own - Take products from ideation and planning to production and monitoring together with your peers and stakeholders.


  • Experience:
    • At least five years in backend development/data engineering.
    • At least two years in team leadership.
    • Managed at least 3 engineers.
    • Processed at least 1 TB of data over a short period of time.
    • End-to-end ideation, execution and deployment of at least one meaningful project.
  • Leadership:
    • Strong communication skills and ability to tear down projects to small deployable units.
    • Patience to mentor with a focus on actionable milestones.
    • Take ownership and know how to filter essence from noise.
  • Hands-on Experience working with:
    • Java/.NET.
    • NodeJS/Python.
    • SQL and NoSQL DBs.
    • Data Engineer frameworks (Apache AirFlow, Apache Spark, Hadoop, Kafka, Snowflake, DataBricks).
  • Knowledge:
    • Deep Understanding of a complex open-source project.
    • How to build solutions for the Cloud.
  • Fluent in English and ability to work in a multi-language environment.


  • Experience:
    • At least 1 year of TDD.
    • Building CI/CD from scratch.
    • Deploying and managing software on GCP.
    • Handled a major production incident.
  • Leadership:
    • Overcame difficult management challenges.
    • Promoted an employee.
    • Have product/business orientation.
  • Hands-on Experience working with:
    • CI/CD.
    • Terraform/Cloudformation/Ansible.
  • Knowledge:
    • Kubernetes under the hood.
    • Apache Spark under the hood.
    • Designing and communicating contracts.
    • Project Management.

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Optimove Headquarters Location

New York, NY

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Optimove Company Size

Between 200 - 500 employees

Optimove Founded Year


Optimove Total Amount Raised


Optimove Funding Rounds

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  • Secondary Market

    $75,000,000 USD

  • Series A

    $20,000,000 USD