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Prompt Engineering Internship, Cybersecurity
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Are you passionate about AI and cognitive science? Do you have experience with Large Language Models like ChatGPT? We are seeking prompt engineering interns to join OneDegree AI team. This internship offers a fantastic opportunity to delve into the world of AI, work with a team of passionate professionals, and contribute to cutting-edge technologies. Join us and thrill your future.


你對人工智慧和認知科學有高度熱情嗎?你有使用過 ChatGPT 等大型語言模型 (LLM) 的經驗嗎?我們正在尋找提示詞工程實習生 (Prompt Engineering) 加入 OneDegree 的 AI 團隊。透過這份實習,你有機會深入了解 AI 的世界,與一群同樣充滿熱情的專業夥伴合作,為尖端技術做出貢獻。加入我們,開啟未來職涯新的可能!


#不需AI/資訊工程相關背景  #大三以上優先   #心理科學/認知科學/行為科學學系佳   #對 AI 領域有興趣者佳




  • Design Excellence: You will be responsible for designing and testing high-quality LLM prompts to generate desired outputs. Your role is essential in determining the interaction with LLM, ensuring clarity, relevance, and innovation in prompt creation.
  • Analytical Insight: Analyze model outputs meticulously to refine and perfect the prompt design. Your analytical skills will help in understanding the nuances of model responses and tweaking prompts to achieve optimal results.
  • Documentation and Strategy: Document your prompt design strategies and guidelines. Your work will contribute to a knowledge base that helps guide future prompt design and ensures consistency and quality in our AI interactions.


  • 卓越設計:負責設計和測試高品質的大型語言模型(LLM)提示詞,以生成預期的結果。
    • 你的角色會大大影響我們與大型語言模型(LLM)的互動,確保這些新創建提示詞的清晰度、關聯度和創新程度。 
  • 分析洞察:仔細的分析模型的產出結果,以完善和優化提示詞的設計。
    • 透過你的分析,可以幫助我們理解模型所給出的不同回應間有哪些細微差異,進一步調整給予的提示詞,來達到我們想要的最佳效果。 
  • 文件和策略:為你的提示詞設計策略及指引留下文件紀錄。
    • 透過你的紀錄,有助於形成內部知識庫,也能夠引導未來的提示詞設計,確保我們後續與 AI 互動可以保持一致性和良好品質。




  • Working hour: At least 16 hours per week.
  • Educational Background: We are looking for third-year through graduate students specializing in psychology, with a focus on human thinking, cognition, behavior, and interaction. Your educational background will provide valuable insights into how humans interact with AI, which is crucial for designing effective prompts.
  • LLM Experience: Frequent use of LLMs, such as ChatGPT, is crucial for generating engaging and accurate content. Your experience using LLMs will be invaluable in leveraging their capabilities to create effective prompts.


  • 工作時間:每週至少 16 小時
  • 學歷要求:心理學系的大三學生至研究生為佳,尤其是主修人類思維、認知、行為和互動等。
    • 期待透過你的學習專業,為人類如何與 AI 互動提供寶貴的見解,這也會是設計出有效提示詞的重要因素
  • 大型語言模型(LLM)經驗:經常使用大型語言模型(LLM),例如 ChatGPT。
    • 期待你的這些使用經驗,可以在後續生成準確、有效的提示詞時,充分發揮重要的作用。




Interview Process

  • Online Test
  • Phone interview - with HR
  • Onsite interview - with hiring managers

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