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Principal Staff Software Engineer
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San Francisco, CA
Job Description

At Nuna, our mission is to make high-quality healthcare affordable and accessible for everyone. We are dedicated to tackling one of our nation’s biggest problems with ingenuity, creativity, and a keen moral compass.

Nuna is committed to simple principles: a rigorous understanding of data, modern technology, and most importantly, compassion and care for our fellow human. We want to know what really works, what doesn't—and why.

Nuna partners with healthcare payers, including government agencies and health plans, to turn data into learnings and information into meaning.

  • In Nuna Engineering, we build technology to enable users (from data scientists to analysts to policy-makers) to understand healthcare data while ensuring its integrity, security, and privacy. Our work runs the gamut from joining streams of messy real-world data to building queryable data warehouses to constructing visualizations and dashboards that provide actionable insight. We build systems that are auditable, as automated as possible, have an accurate representation of the underlying data, and, most importantly, are responsive to our end users' needs. We strive for a creative, collaborative engineering environment that implements best practices of peer review, readability, maintainability, and security of the code base and infrastructure.
  • The Nuna Backend Engineering team is responsible for building the APIs, database schemas, and business logic to power our apps. We work with the output of Nuna’s Data Platform, turning large datasets into innovative and highly reliable APIs. Our APIs are bringing new capabilities to healthcare - like understanding the impact of quality improvement in real time on large amounts of data. 
  • We are building for the long term with a focus on increasing engineer velocity across Nuna by maintaining standardized development and deployment infrastructure tooling for all of Nuna’s application development. We ensure enterprise-grade stability and startup-grade velocity by maintaining a well-tested code base and infrastructure that is secure by default.
  • Principal Staff Software Engineering builds the backbone of every product our users interact with. We measure our products’ success by how much they improve care and lower costs. As an engineering-led culture, you will be at the vanguard of making healthcare work for all Americans. Today, you’ll be helping hospitals improve the quality of care, enabling health plans to pay for the quality of care, not quantity-of-care, and matching patients to optimal doctors. Tomorrow, you’ll be creating even bigger and better products to shape this industry.
    • You’ll continuously provide strategic improvement through software architectural designs, system integrations, development processes, and 
    • You’ll promote technical platforms with long term business opportunities, cross functional team alignments with effective communication, and company cultures with 6 Nuna team values. 
    • You’ll provide technical guidance to software development teams, training to other engineers, vision to executive teams.
    • You’ll work closely with several cross functional teams to ensure our customers can create values from our next generation data platform. 
      • You’ll build products that change the dynamics and incentives of the healthcare industry, changing a zero-sum game of competition between payers and providers into patient-centered collaboration.
    • You’ll put data science magic (like predictive analytics and dynamic modeling) into our users’ hands through interactive features in collaboration with the Data Engineering & Data Science teams. 
    • You’ll design APIs and service architectures that multiply the effectiveness of internal and external developers serving millions of patients.
    • You’ll manage our high stakes production environment, ensuring high availability/low latency and protecting our sensitive data with rigorous security.
    • You’ll identify big opportunities to improve our technology and our products, blazing trails through ambiguity.
    • You’ll mentor more junior engineers and, in turn, learn from more senior engineers, because we are learners, not knowers, and growing Nuna’s people is the most reliable way to scale our impact.
    • You’ll work as part of a team, not in a silo. At Nuna we rise by lifting others
  • As an infrastructure engineering team, we need a wide array of skills as a whole. No single engineer needs to cover every single dimension, so don’t take this as a literal requirements checklist. We're excited to talk with you if you bring some or all of the following:
    • Experience in scaling complex systems with efficient, secure, and load tested interactions.
    • Experience in working from executive level to intern level with effective negotiating and influencing skills.
    • Experience in delegating tasks and evaluating performance of projects.
    • Experience in providing creative solutions and theories that solve complex problems and create values for our customers.
    • Experience building production-hardened web services, with consideration for security, performance, scalability, reliability, and repeatability. Familiarity with application server frameworks like Django.
    • Experience with API design that lets us build composable APIs and libraries to solve many different needs.
    • Experience rapidly prototyping new product concepts, especially for enterprise clients.
    • Understanding of automated testing concepts in web apps and the ability to consistently apply them.
    • Knowledge of database fundamentals like indexing, SQL queries, schema migrations, and managing backups.
    • Experience managing production services and designing smooth deployment processes, ideally in AWS.

Nuna is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, genetics and/or veteran status.

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San Francisco, CA

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Between 66 - 500 employees

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  • Series B

    $60,000,000 USD

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    $30,000,000 USD