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Job Title
Medical Assistant (Part-Time)
Job Location
Los Angeles, California, United States
Job Description

Role Title: Medical Assistant 

Manager: Clinic Manager

Location: LA - Silverlake Clinic

Role Summary: As one of Tia’s Medical Assistants you perform routine administrative and clinical tasks to keep the clinic running smoothly. Core functions of your role will include rooming patients, taking patient vitals, assisting medical providers with exams and procedures including gynecological surgery, collecting patient health information, messaging with patients, ensuring all rooms are properly prepared throughout the day, managing supply inventory, collecting, processing & preparing specimens, running front office operations, such as scheduling and billing, from time-to-time. 

Tia Company values you “spike” on: 

  • Probing deeply to understand
  • Asking why then why again
  • Act as a pack not as a lone wolf
  • Finds joy and gratitude every day 
  • Practice Personalized Care


  • Highly organized 
  • Clear communicator
  • Ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment
  • Providing a high quality in-clinic experience
  • Strong process orientation
  • Excellent patient service orientation
  • Detail-oriented 
  • Keep a vibe of calm, steadfastness and composure under pressure


  • Phlebotomy - minimum of 2 years paid work experience
  • Lab review and ordering -  has a basic understanding of common labs ordered
  • Vitals - assessment and documentation
  • Autoclaving + disinfecting 
  • Supply expiry review
  • Supply management & ordering


  • Ask why and probe deeply to understand the reason for the patient's visit. 
      • Ask questions to collect background story -- leaving notes for providers
      • Review health summary with patient, ensure all the info is accurate
      • Take the patient's vitals and record
  • Close the loop and ensure that all follow ups are handled per clinical process and in a timely manner. 
      • Confirm patients current pharmacy preference and update in TiaMD and DrChrono
      • Process any Rx
      • Order Labs and imaging 
      • Ensure all Dx codes are properly added to lab and imaging orders 
      • Document every interaction appropriately and timely
  • Assist our in-clinic providers with support during exams, procedures and office-based gynecological surgeries
      • Chaperone for patient exams
      • Assist providers with exams such as Pap tests, vulvar biopsy, colposcopy, LEEP, hysteroscopy and vulvar surgeries
        • Adhere to sterile technique
        • Process specimens appropriately
        • Set up exam rooms with the correct instruments prior to patient rooming
  • Act as a pack with fellow MAs, front of house staff and NPs/MDs to ensure the proper “air traffic controlling” in the clinic
      • Ensure that patients are moved from front of house to back of house- “room patients”
      • Leverage providers with signals if they are running behind / clinic is backed up
      • Communicate and collaborate with your team if there are delays to ensure a high quality patient experience
      • Monitor the schedule to know who has checked in and respond in a timely manner
      • Perform review of the schedule the night before, brief providers on the day + think through “air trafficking” requirements for the day
  • Practice Personalized care 
      • Review health records of next day patients every day -- ensure providers are briefed on the patients coming in
      • Remember the nuances of each patient, remind providers of these nuances
      • Work to capture nuances and personal needs of each patient in your time with them to help providers and all Tia care professionals better serve the patient
      • Communicate and document these nuances when appropriate
  • Perform phlebotomy on patients as needed
      • Medical Assistant must be licensed in Phlebotomy and have proof of licensure
      • Uphold the clinical guidelines for Phlebotomy
      • Perform difficult sticks regularly, and with confidence
  • Leverage providers to review labs, and leverage providers in delivering results to patient
      • Follow the system for Lab review as established by the Medical Director
      • Ensure that all labs are closed out each day
  • Maintain the order and spotlessness of the clinic
      • Monitor inventory of supplies
      • Maintain standards for cleanliness

Other “nice to have” skills: 

  • Medical Assistant certification in the state of California is a plus, but is not required
  • As a clinic that seeks to create an environment for all women to feel safe, heard, recognized and avowed in their health, bodies and lives, we are consistently seeking providers with backgrounds that are meaningfully different from those already forming our team. You bring a diverse background, a range of care experiences in different communities or various modalities
  • Former positions in delivering care for women in the following situations is a plus: women for battered or abused women, decision making support for low-income women, care delivery for LGBTQ, care delivery for immigrant or migrant or english-as-a-second-language support populations
  • You have experience running data security protocols and have a strong understanding of HIPAA 
  • A strong understanding of & interest in oxidative / chronic stress, stress literature, immunsystem compromise, inflammatory response systems is a plus

Other important details:

  • You’re willing to work nights & weekends, if needed
  • You’re authorized to work in the US
  • Tia is an equal opportunity employer
  • Compensation is $20-$24 per hour

Tia requires that Medical Assistants complete credentialing with specified payors and that you authorize Tia to complete this credentialing through our preferred vendors.

This position may require attendance at company and team off-sites and is subject the Company’s vaccine requirement, as permitted by law and subject to reasonable accommodation.

Tia is an equal opportunity employer. We believe that diversity of experience, perspectives, and background will lead to a better environment for our employees and a better product for our users and patients. We strongly encourage people of color and members of the LGBTQ+ community to apply.
If you are committed to collaborative problem solving, creating high-quality and user-centric products, and want to make waves in women's healthcare, join us!

About Tia:

Tia is a full-stack women's healthcare business that builds products, tools and services to help every woman be her own patient advocate and get meaningfully better healthcare. Our latest product is the Tia Clinic — a "one-stop-shop" for female health with gynecology, primary care and wellness under one roof, and one health record. We’re putting the soul back in medicine, one patient and one provider at a time.

As a mission driven team, we’ve rallied so that patients & providers might be able to experience healthcare with greater satisfaction, less frustration & improved outcomes, which means not just upending operational models, care models and technology, but entirely redefining the emotional journey of each team member as we experience this journey together. 

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