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Job Title
Cloud Security Senior API Engineer
Job Location
Remote - Singapore
Job Description

We are looking for an experienced API Engineer who’s proficient in Python to join our Security Posture & Knowledge Base team.

The Opportunity

Modern enterprises have thousands of users, documents, vendors, applications and many other entities, with the total number exceeding millions for the large companies. IT administrators today need to

  • Ensure all of these entities have the right configurations to avoid security vulnerabilities. 
  • Look through the activity history when there’s an incident that requires investigation. 
  • Navigate complicated relationships to identify the root causes for exposures. 

The data required to achieve these goals is while vast in volume, is also incomplete, which makes this a challenging problem. Abnormal is in a unique position to solve it by combining our behavioral insight with our security expertise.

As the Security Posture & Knowledge Base team, we’re building the Knowledge Base which will give our customers the insight to their environment - so all the information they need around any business entity is accessible. To ensure the safety of our customers, we’re also building solutions to monitor security configurations to highlight gaps in the security postures. 

What you will build

  • A database that will house millions of records that reflect many types of entities, their activities & relations. 
  • A system to ingest data from various sources, to monitor security configuration, and to highlight  exposed vulnerabilities. 

Why this opportunity

  • Mission: You’ll be fighting for the good side, protecting the innocent against cybercrimes. 
  • Impact: Our team is the tip of the spear for Abnormal’s product expansion. We’re going to build 12 applications in 12 months.
  • Leadership: Within the next year, we’ll be quadrupling our initial engineering headcount of 5. As an early senior engineer, you’ll be expected to lead groups of engineers as the team grows. 
  • Growth: You’ll be working with world-class engineers, many of whom have founded or built successful companies. 

Job Requirements

  • 6+ years of backend/web development experience
  • Required technical Skills
    • Python - 3+ years
    • REST APIs - you must have worked on the backend API of 2+ Applications, each used in production and developed for longer than a year
  • Comfortable with test driven development, working as part of a large organization divided by standardized interfaces. 
  • Experience as a tech lead, you must be comfortable leading a group of 2-4 engineers in full stack development through technical design, execution of roadmap & technical mentoring. 
  • Solid communication skills -  you need to interact with Product Managers & Stakeholders 
  • Preferred, but not required technical skills:
    • Django
    • Celery
    • Postgres
    • Airflow

Abnormal Security Headquarters Location

San Francisco, CA

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Abnormal Security Company Size

Between 500 - 1,000 employees

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Abnormal Security Funding Rounds

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  • Series C

    $210,000,000 USD

  • Series B

    $50,000,000 USD

  • Series A

    $24,000,000 USD