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2008, San Francisco

Aktana empowers life science sales and marketing teams to provide beneficial information to the physicians they serve


2010, San Francisco

The #1 Sales Platform Designed for Emerging Markets. Our technology platform is your solution to unlock new markets and sell more products — from solar lighting systems to clean cookstoves.


2009, Redwood City

Gainsight's Customer Success Software empowers companies to increase revenue, decrease customer churn, and drive advocacy.


2015, San Mateo

Gong is conversation intelligence software for sales teams that uses AI to record, transcribe, and analyze sales conversations.


2013, San Francisco

HoneyBook helps you book your ideal client faster, more frequently, and with less legwork.


2013, San Francisco

Iterable builds a customer engagement and growth marketing platform.


2013, San Francisco

Streamline one, differentiated experience across marketing, sales, and support.


2010, San Francisco

Leadspace Audience Management Platform: Know your customers from every angle


2014, San Francisco

The Outreach Sales Engagement Platform helps efficiently and effectively engage prospects to drive more pipeline and close more deals.


2012, San Francisco

Customer-centric enterprises worldwide partner with Sparkcentral to decrease phone calls, eliminate email, and replace live chat support volumes while drastically improving customer satisfaction rates.


2007, San Francisco

Customer service software and support ticketing system by Zendesk. Cloud-based help desk solution used by more than 200000 organizations worldwide.

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