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Image Logo Company Name Founded Year Total Amount Raised Headquarters Location Description Min Employees Max Employees
Petal Petal 2016 $563,400,000 New York City, NY Responsible credit for the modern world. 100 500
Secfi Secfi 2017 $557,000,000 San Francisco, CA Financial services company founded in 2017 20 50
Qwil Qwil 2015 $331,524,992 San Francisco, CA An automated global payments and liquidity solution that allows SMBs to get paid how, when, and wherever they choose 50 200
Pipe Pipe 2019 $316,000,000 Los Angeles, CA Grow on your terms. 20 100
Produce Pay Inc Produce Pay Inc 2014 $299,900,000 Los Angeles, CA Produce Financing Made Easy! 50 200
Divvy Homes Divvy Homes 2017 $180,000,000 San Francisco, CA Financial services company founded in 2017 20 50
Premise Premise 2012 $146,000,000 San Francisco, CA Company in San Francisco, United States 100 200 2017 $121,050,000 San Francisco, CA Financial services company founded in 2017 20 50
Finix Finix 2016 $96,000,000 San Francisco, CA Finix is the smartest way for businesses to own, manage and monetize their payments. 50 100
Airbase Airbase 2017 $90,500,000 San Francisco, CA Airbase combines spend approvals, physical and virtual cards, bill payments, reporting, and accounting automation. 100 500
Nova Credit Nova Credit 2016 $69,420,000 San Francisco, CA Financial services company founded in 2016 50 100
Pave Pave 2019 $62,950,000 San Francisco, CA We build tools to help companies better plan and communicate total compensation with their top talent 20 100
Pilot Pilot 2016 $61,300,000 San Francisco, CA Get your finances right with Pilot. 50 200
Invoice2go Invoice2go 2002 $60,000,000 Redwood City, CA Invoice2go is the most straightforward small business platform, giving you the control to run your business your way. 50 200
Juvo Juvo 2014 $59,274,980 San Francisco, CA We unlock economic opportunities and promote financial inclusion for 68% of adults in the world with no credit history. 50 200
RAMP RAMP 2019 $55,000,000 Boston, MA Ramp delivers unlimited, uninterrupted video on corporate networks anywhere, anytime, and on any device. 50 200
BRD BRD 2015 $54,750,000 Chicago, IL Makers of the BRD app & Blockset. 20 50
dough Inc dough Inc 2018 $49,000,000 Chicago, IL The investing app with unlimited commission-free stock trading, zero account minimums, and tons of smart ideas. 10 50
Quantopian Quantopian 2011 $48,800,000 Boston, MA Financial services company founded in 2011 20 50
Deel Deel 2018 $48,000,000 San Francisco, CA Deel is the first payroll platform for remote teams that connects localized compliance and payments in one system. 50 100
ErisX ErisX 2018 $47,500,000 Chicago, IL ErisX offers individuals & institutions a unified, innovative platform to access digital asset spot and futures markets. 20 50
Amino Amino 2013 $45,000,000 San Francisco, CA Empowering employees to make smart healthcare choices. 50 100
Datawallet Datawallet 2015 $42,300,000 San Francisco, CA Datawallet gives you all the tools you need to easily comply with today’s and tomorrow’s data regulations. 10 50
Capital Markets Gateway Inc Capital Markets Gateway Inc 2015 $39,050,000 Chicago, IL Financial services company founded in 2015 10 50
Start Engine Start Engine 2014 $37,608,096 Los Angeles, CA Renowned businessman and investor Kevin O'Leary has joined StartEngine as our Strategic Advisor! 20 50
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