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Image Logo Company Name Founded Year Total Amount Raised Headquarters Location Description Min Employees Max Employees
Facebook Facebook 2004 $16,122,817,536 Menlo Park, CA Our mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. 58,604 58,604
Globality Globality 2015 $310,550,016 Menlo Park, CA Revolutionize the way your company buys and sells services with Smart Sourcing™ powered by AI. 200 500
Synthekine Synthekine 2018 $189,500,000 Menlo Park, CA Organization founded in 2018 10 50
Betterworks Betterworks 2013 $129,500,000 Redwood City, CA Betterworks enables enterprises to focus on, measure, and deliver superior business results. 100 500
DiCE Molecules DiCE Molecules 2013 $127,381,888 San Francisco, CA At DiCE Molecules, we design and develop innovative therapies in immunology for patients with debilitating disease. 10 50
Clear Labs Clear Labs 2014 $126,475,000 San Carlos, CA Provider of the only fully-automated next-generation sequencing platform for turnkey diagnostics 50 200
One Concern One Concern 2015 $119,160,000 Palo Alto, CA Making disasters less disastrous, to ultimately achieve planetary-scale resilience. 50 200
Hexagon Bio Hexagon Bio 2016 $116,400,000 Menlo Park, CA Corporation founded in 2016 10 50
Ayasdi Ayasdi 2008 $106,348,984 Menlo Park, CA Ayasdi AI deploys the world’s most advanced machine learning to help you see new and valuable insights in your data. 50 200
Strateos Strateos 2019 $101,770,000 Menlo Park, CA Strateos is a software driven technology company serving the life sciences 50 200
Oculus Oculus 2012 $98,387,432 St. Louis, MO American virtual reality technology company 500 1,000
Akoya Biosciences Akoya Biosciences 2015 $83,500,000 Menlo Park, CA The Spatial Biology Company® - High-parameter tissue analysis from discovery through clinical & translational research. 100 500
Ulab Systems Inc Ulab Systems Inc 2015 $83,420,000 Menlo Park, CA The next generation of smile technology. 20 50
Quantifind Quantifind 2009 $68,322,408 Menlo Park, CA We empower people to make better decisions that combine human intuition with the voice of intelligent data. 50 200
Kespry Kespry 2013 $61,352,000 Menlo Park, CA Corporation founded in 2013 50 200
Leadspace Leadspace 2010 $61,000,000 San Francisco, CA The Intelligent B2B Customer Data Platform 100 500
Octave Bioscience Octave Bioscience 2013 $48,500,000 Menlo Park, CA Improving outcomes in neurodegenerative diseases 10 50
CipherTrace Inc CipherTrace Inc 2015 $45,100,376 Menlo Park, CA Making cryptocurrencies, crypto assets and blockchains safe and trusted 50 100
Health2047 Health2047 2015 $42,200,000 Menlo Park, CA In partnership with the AMA, Health2047 is transforming healthcare at the system level. 10 50
Esper Esper 2017 $41,725,000 Bellevue, WA Esper is the industry’s most powerful cloud tools for Android Device deployment and application management. 100 500
ALICE Technologies Inc. ALICE Technologies Inc. 2013 $38,844,492 Menlo Park, CA Artificial intelligence meets construction planning 1,000 5,000
MATTERNET MATTERNET 2011 $31,140,700 Menlo Park, CA Drone delivery company 50 200
January January 2017 $29,771,344 Menlo Park, CA The future is personalized. 20 50
Astound Astound 2016 $27,000,000 Menlo Park, CA Improving work life for every employee who has ever called the help desk. 20 50
Sparta Science Sparta Science 2016 $25,700,000 Menlo Park, CA Sparta Science is the industry’s gold standard for Force Plate Machine Learning™ 50 100
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