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Aedilic logo
Aedilic is a transportation service provider offering Storage services with drone delivery.
Palo AltoCA2 - 102024$500,000
OutSail Shipping logo
OutSail Shipping is a shipping company that manufactures containerized sails for cargo ships.
Redwood CityCA2 - 102022$500,000
GoodShip logo
GoodShip is how shippers and carriers digitally procure, measure, and optimize contract business more easily and accurately than ever before. Backed by many of the biggest names in technology and freight, GoodShip puts procurement on cruise control and all
NashvilleTN10 - 502022$15,400,000
Seaflight Technologies logo
Seaflight Technologies is a logistics company that creates a network for flown cargo on coastal routes. Seaflight flies close to the water's surface for a huge efficiency gain with their simple, electric, remote-piloted craft. It was founded in 2022 and is
CarsonCA5 - 102022
Ocho logo
Ocho helps business owners build their wealth starting with the Ocho Solo401K.
New YorkNY10 - 502022$4,500,000
Abridge logo
Abridge is an intelligent logistics partner for importers/exporters who want to ship freight into or out of the APAC region. Abridge digitizes the full shipment lifecycle (online freight booking, optimized container load plans, automatically generated comp
FultonMD5 - 102022$500,000
Fleetzero logo
To deliver freight for our customers, Fleetzero is developing a fleet of electric ships without any green bonus. The company's vessels, unlike giant container ships, can be built inexpensively in domestic shipyards, which enables us to operate in regulated
BirminghamAL5 - 202021$15,500,000
DockWorks logo
Were a seed-stage B2B SaaS startup, with over $1.8mm in funding from amazing SaaS investors. Our platform allows marine professionals to manage payments easily, simplify scheduling and dispatching, as well as provide technicians with the accurate and relia
San DiegoCA10 - 202021$1,750,000
WARP logo
It's way too hard to get peace of mind from logistics providers today! Welcome to W/:\RP! The first freight network of its kind, W/:\RP weaves together truckload-sharing, back-hauls, and physical consolidation points (W/:\RP Stations) to provide optimized
Los AngelesCA50 - 2002021$16,200,000
Carpool Logistics logo
Carpool Logistics is a transport company currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. It has been founded in 2021 by TerrenceJ, Joe Norton, and Michael Malakhov.
AtlantaGA20 - 502021$2,000,000
BravoTran logo
BravoTran offers an AI-driven solution to automate data and documents for freight forwarders. The company's automation platform currently supports industry leaders, including Yusen Logistics and AWA Logistics. BravoTran was founded in 2021 by Matt Bernstei
ChicagoIL10 - 502021$2,800,000
Oko logo
Oko helps supply chain managers make better decisions
ClevelandOH5 - 102021$3,475,000
PortExPro logo
Portex Pro removes manual freight procurement for shippers and their partners to save money and time. The company aims to bring pricing efficiency and transparency to the global logistics industry. Portex Pro was founded in 2021 and is based in Hayward, Ca
KeeneNH10 - 502021
LoadBetter logo
Loadbetter is the most advanced freight marketplace on the market with a focus on specialized shipments.We are rebuilding the infrastructure for both Shippers and Carriers in order to provide a fully autonomous experience through self-driving vehicles netw
San FranciscoCA2 - 102020$300,000
Onward logo
A digital freight marketplace that connects retailers who struggle to ship heavy goods with underutilized trucks already on the road.
DenverCO10 - 502020$4,820,000
Trellus Health logo
Trellus Health is a resilience-driven connected health solution for complex chronic conditions, starting with IBD.
Long BeachNY10 - 502020
Hive logo
Hive stores and ships products for small and medium-sized online merchants next-day. Fast, transparent & affordable.
200 - 5002020
Vizion logo
Vizion integrates and estimates data and observes tracking and monitoring for ocean freight, logistics, and supply chain industry. The company was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States.
San FranciscoCA20 - 1002020$15,500,000
Via.Delivery logo
Platform that orchestrates logistics and local pickup in brick and mortar stores Offering pureplay e-commerce to deliver at a fraction of the cost of traditional carriers
San FranciscoCA10 - 202020$4,093,000
Flextock logo
Flextock is a provider of on-demand warehousing and logistics platforms to help businesses efficiently scale their operations.
10 - 2002020$3,300,000
Pandion logo
Pandion has developed a technology platform for e-commerce players to manage capacity problems during peak periods. The logistics platform helps all businesses provide one and two-day shipping, and makes on-time delivery possible for more retailers, regard
SeattleWA100 - 2002020$76,400,000
TenthWheel logo
At TenthWheel, our goal is to optimize the supply chain by addressing inefficiencies in the multi billion-dollar Road Freight Industry in Pakistan. TenthWheel is an online platform that connects Shippers with Truckers. We work relentlessly to create cost r
1 - 102020
Kitzuma logo
Kitzuma provides shipping solutions for cyclists, manufacturers, and resellers. Its platform delivers bike box-free, fully built, and ready to ride within a week through the equipped van and provides logistical support for demo event and mechanic services
AshevilleNC10 - 502020$450,000
Yolda logo
Logistic operations still largely run on paper. It is almost impossible to track the vast majority of loads, receive delivery documents or measure how successful the operation is. is changing this with a strategic operating model that combines ad
50 - 1002020$7,730,000
Wiz logo
Wiz Freight is a full-stack digital freight management platform for emerging markets.
50 - 5002020
Torch logo
They believe there is a better way to do logistics. A more valuable, less invasive way where customers are earned rather than bought. They are obsessively passionate about it, and their mission is to help people achieve it. They focus on connecting people
ChicagoIL10 - 502019$4,350,000
CloudTrucks logo
CloudTrucks develops a virtual trucking carrier application designed to reduce operating costs for truck drivers. The platform helps to manage and book loads from brokers and shippers, offer instant payments after load delivery, and access to cheap insuran
San FranciscoCA50 - 2002019$141,600,000
Ofload logo
Ofload is a digital road freight platform that fully tackles inefficiencies. Ofload connects road freight to thousands of reliable carriers and manage it through technology. This means less waste and more data. Ofload manages end-to-end logistics fulfillme
50 - 1002019
Loadsmith logo
Loadsmith is a leading third-party logistics platform headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with additional locations in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Phoenix, Arizona. Founded in 2019, Loadsmith was built by industry professionals who have worked with America's
DenverCO10 - 502019$2,000,000
Factored Quality logo
Factored Quality is a quality control platform for e-commerce and consumer goods brands. Factored Quality specializes in the fields of freight service, logistics, and supply chain management.
AustinTX5 - 202019$5,600,000
Diamond S Shipping Inc. provides marine services. The Company offers transportation for crude oil and refined petroleum products. Diamond S Shipping serves customers worldwide.
GreenwichCT50 - 2002019$525,000,000
Fretigo logo
Fretigo offers an efficient way to get freight savings and more shipping options from global forwarders. From instant freight booking to managing shipment online & analyzing the report, using Fretigo helps exporter/importer to ship their cargo faster, chea
5 - 202019
Airquest logo
Airquest is a SaaS platform that helps mid and large enterprises make real-time logistics decisions. Our platform integrates with trade partners enabling collaboration with them so that shipments are executed seamlessly.
SpringfieldGA2 - 102019
Navlungo logo
Freight Management Platform and E-commerce shipping marketplace
100 - 5002019$950,000
Wadadli Cargo logo
Wadadli Cargo is a cargo airline that is focused on the Caribbean-North American market and will be the first to operate daily, twice-daily flights from the US to the Caribbean. Wadadli Cargo exists to bring market and economic change to the Caribbean by
MiamiFL1 - 102019
Nuvocargo logo
Nuvocargo is a software-enabled freight forwarder and licensed US customs broker helping shippers move cargo between USA and Latin America. Nuvocargo gives its customers more visibility and better data to understand their supply chain, and combines that wi
New YorkNY100 - 2002019$74,390,000
Better Trucks logo
Better Trucks is a last-mile parcel carrier that specializes in rapid-residential deliveries.
Downers GroveIL200 - 5002019$22,174,694
A collaborative logistics marketplace and digital-leasing platform for the world's supply chain.
BirminghamAL10 - 502019$12,675,000
TransLoop logo
TransLoop provides logistics, digital freight and supply chain management services for carriers and shippers.
ChicagoIL100 - 2002019
MVX logo
MVX makes freight shipping and access to trade finance easier and more coordinated for businesses trading with Africa by bringing the whole booking and deployment process online. We simplify Africa’s end-to-end import and export trade transactions by aggre
AustinTX10 - 502019$1,400,000
Newtrul logo
newtrul is a shipment aggregation platform that provides freight carriers an easier way to search for their next job. It was founded in 2018 and is based in Chicago, Illinois.
ChicagoIL10 - 502018$7,550,000
Jindouyun logo
Jindouyun is a transport company currently based in Beijing, Beijing Municipality, China. It has been founded in 2018.
1 - 102018$302,100
Pack&Pack logo
Pack&Pack is an online platform providing logistics solutions and services for businesses. The platform facilitates the entire process of sending online sales. A hub of logistics carriers, integrations, guide generator, and fulfillment to solve the needs o
10 - 502018
OLIMP logo
Airbnb for Supply Chain. Marketplace for matching carriers with network of thousand warehouses for Immediate short-term service for 15% transaction fee. 200,000 trucks rejected or delay at delivery every day. 200,000 trucks need short term storage and re-d
Long GroveIL20 - 1002018$1,989,000
ChainCargo logo
We started ChainCargo because of a strong inner urge to approach logistics differently. We believe that with the current capacity we can transport more. Simply by smarter use of the available capacity in existing transport movements. We want to change the
20 - 5020183072504 EUR
Flugauto logo
Flugauto is a B2B tech company developing a world-class platform for aerial delivery of industrial cargo for the energy industry. For businesses that want to transport cargo we offer the benefits of a helicopter, speed and access to remote locations, but a
BrightonMI10 - 502018$1,120,000
Yungehuo logo
Yungehuo is a transport company currently based in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. It has been founded in 2018.
50 - 1002018$3,442,877
CDL 1000 logo
Cdl 1000 specializes in the transportation and warehousing of different freight with domestic and international services provided. This technology gives the same price for every transport and offers a reliable solution to keep track of miles and costs.
ChicagoIL100 - 5002018
FletX logo
Flet-x is a driver-centric digital freight powerhouse that is ripe to dominate the freight brokerage market, as it seamlessly increases the efficiency and service levels of small and medium sized drivers, carriers and shippers by orchestrating the shipping
20 - 1002018$5,000,000
Easymove logo
Easymove App helps you to connect with local independent easy mover companies who offer on-demand services in Chicago & New York. We offer the best, fast, easy and affordable way to help you with moving.
ChicagoIL200 - 5002018$50,000
Wing logo
Wing is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. that develops technology of drone-based delivery of freight. The company completed their first real-world deliveries in 2014. The company has operations in Australia, the United States, and Finland. In July 2018, Proje
Palo AltoCA200 - 5002018
Ware2Go logo
Ware2Go is the intelligent logistics network that enables their customers to extend and scale their business.
AtlantaGA100 - 5002018
Janio Asia logo
We are a cross-border logistics service provider that simplifies deliveries across borders. Combining technology and market knowledge, we provide you with an effective end-to-end logistics solution in Asia where you can manage your e-commerce shipments on
100 - 5002018$30,000,000
Fretefy logo
Fretefy is an online logistics monitoring platform with end-to-end cargo management.
20 - 5020181179971 BRL
SOTE logo
Sote focuses on building digital logistics infrastructures. Their mission is to grow the GDP of the African continent by facilitating the growth of trade. They aim to provide a combination of ERP solutions, underwriting models, and software-driven supply c
Palo AltoCA50 - 1002018$8,355,000
Trelar logo
Trelar is a network of vocational trucking owner-operators, drivers, contractors, ​and plant operators revolutionizing the $150B construction vehicle ecosystem through an app-driven marketplace that matches carriers to the contractors who need delivery cap
AustinTX10 - 502018$2,100,000
Way Director logo
Waydirector is a digital logistics operator born with the philosophy of making the benefits of technology available to customers & carriers.
1 - 1020182671 EUR
Nowports logo
Nowports is a digital freight forwarder that helps companies improve the import process. It serves as a platform through which companies and individuals can manage their imports and exports in real-time. The company uses AI to make the import process easy,
500 - 1,0002018$242,600,000
EV Cargo logo
Each year we handle chilled products with a retail value in excess of £11bn. We’re dedicated to service quality by providing a personalised service to a vast portfolio of global brands that span across multiple sectors. Working across multiple temperatur
5,000 - 20,0002018150000000 GBP
OneRail logo
OneRail is a final mile delivery orchestration platform providing real-time visibility, actionable data, and data-driven optimization capabilities for its enterprise clients. OneRail’s cloud-based “delivery switch” simplifies same-day and on-demand deliver
OrlandoFL100 - 5002018$67,500,000
Kobo360 logo
Kobo360 Inc. provides software solutions. The Company offers digital logistics platform to cargo and transportation industries. Kobo360 serves customers worldwide.
200 - 1,0002018$85,320,000
Curri logo
A single platform for your hotshot, scheduled, daily route, and LTL/FTL deliveries. With Curri integrated into your workflow, you’ll get 150 to 400 hours of your time back every year. Costly supply runs affect your bottom line. The more time spent mainta
OmahaNE100 - 2002018$48,150,000
Optimalogistic logo
Marketplace for logistic services via Internet such as road haulier, heavy duty machinery rental, handling euipments rental, etc. It offer many functions like: - Booking system - Trucking System - Real time trucks details - Empty return trip notificatio
10 - 502018
Hwy Haul logo
Hwy Haul is a Silicon Valley based technology startup founded by a high caliber ex-Walmart leadership team with a vision of Connecting Enterprises to Truckers - Seamlessly ! They have built a next generation digital freight platform that connects Shippers
Santa ClaraCA50 - 1002018$23,000,000
Fillogic logo
Fillogic is a New York-based technology company that provides retail and logistics services. The company is dedicated to maximizing efficiencies for retailers and freight delivery networks via mall-based micro-distribution hubs. It was so-founded by Bill T
New YorkNY20 - 502018$16,500,000
Fura logo
Fura is consolidating and growing freight brokerage businesses by integrating them into our technology platform. Our mission is to build the future of logistics.
DallasTX50 - 1002017$7,630,000
Fusion Fintrade logo
Fusion Fintrade provides solutions integrating purchasing platforms, overseas stocking, whole-course logistics, and other functions.
10 - 502017432925 CNY
Jumeng logo
Jumeng is a developer of a logistic service platform. The company based in Shanghai, China.
200 - 5002017$129,200,032
SEND logo
SEND is a digital freight forwarder and customs broker. We manage the entire process of shipping air and container cargo including customs clearance and final trucking to warehouse or customers.
10 - 502017$250,000
Passport logo
Passport operates as an international shipping company.
San FranciscoCA100 - 5002017$54,000,000
Castor Maritime Inc. operates as a dry bulk shipping company. The Company focuses on growing its fleet through acquisitions of new and modern vessels. Castor Maritime serves customers in Cyprus.
1 - 502017$11,000,000
Explorate logo
Digital freight forwarding for smarter logistics teams
50 - 10020176220111 AUD
FRAYT logo
FRAYT is a developer of a delivery application offering shipping services. The company enables businesses and retailers to offer same-hour delivery to their customers, from coast to coast.
CincinnatiOH20 - 502017$7,000,000
Clinch Logistics logo
Clinch Logistics provides end-to-end container shipping by air, sea and rail freight, plus customs clearance through our web application. Clinch Logistics provides an emerging market that is in dire need of an upgrade with the newest technology in freight
1 - 102017
FlavorCloud Inc. logo
FlavorCloud makes worldwide shipping easy and affordable, “anywhere to anywhere”. A service that integrates directly into shopping carts of retailers offering a powerful, one-click international checkout. Powered by a deep learning based logistics engi
SeattleWA20 - 502017$18,064,790 logo
Cargo One GmbH provides air cargo booking services. The Company offers shipment tracking, searching, sorting, and consultancy for freight forwarders and cargo carriers. Cargo One serves customers in Germany.
100 - 5002017$63,800,000
Airspace Technologies logo
Airspace Technologies, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company offers a platform which provides shipping details, container tracking, and delivery process services. Airspace Technologies serves clients in the State of California.
CarlsbadCA200 - 5002017$136,000,000
ADVATIX - Advanced Supply Chain And Logistics logo
ADVATIX provides supply chain and logistics services.
Westlake VillageCA100 - 5002017
LuckaBox logo
LuckaBox is the premium platform for contemporary delivery options in urban areas, allowing enterprises to easily attract new customers, retain existing customers and increase sales. With our fast, flexible and green delivery partners, enterprises can del
10 - 5020171905594 CHF
Liftit logo
Liftit is a B2B logistics company that connects providers of cargo transportation services with companies or people who need this service. It is a marketplace that connects shippers who need to deliver home goods, electronics, construction materials, and a
200 - 5002017$39,000,000
Adnavem logo
Adnavem is a logistics technology company connecting cargo owners and logistics suppliers through a proprietary tech platform, helping clients create bespoke logistics solutions. Adnavem facilitates international trade and offers both transport customers a
20 - 502017$4,000,000
Food By Rail Logistics logo
Food by Rail Logistics Holdings, Inc. operates as a holding company. The Company, through its subsidiaries, provides fresh and frozen food products rail transportation services. Food by Rail Logistics Holdings serves customers in the State of Florida.
OrlandoFL1 - 102017$5,000,000
HUBBIG is a digital freight transport platform connecting carriers, air companies, transporters, forwarders, and NVOCC agents. The platform offers clients multiple options for transport and the possibility of choosing all added services connected with impo
2 - 102017
ClockWork Logistics Systems logo
Clockwork Logistics Systems automates and process flow instrumentation that effectively digitizes the delivery of products across the global supply chain. The platform includes Enterprise data integration with the existing operational system, cloud-based
Elk GroveCA20 - 502017$5,500,000
Shiplyst logo is an online freight procurement marketplace. Our patent pending platform allows you to instantly compare freight quotes from multiple vendors. You can place a booking, digitally submit and receive shipment documents and information including
San FranciscoCA10 - 502017$271,000
Trukkin logo
Trukkin is leading techno-logistics platform providing world-class cloud-based intelligent operations and services that unite shippers, transporters, brokers and drivers through one seamless, integrated interface. With its home bases in Saudi Arabia, UAE
100 - 5002017
Blastrip logo
Blastrip is the technological layer between the service providers for Logistics ,transportation and service seekers. Blastrip's solution of BTC ( Blastrip for transport companies), BLC (Blastrip for logisitc companies), BPP(Blastrip Partner program) for ge
1 - 102017$40,000
Capacity logo
We expect a lot out of our technology, and for good reason: today’s technology is capable of a lot. Next-day shipping for the birthday gift we nearly forgot, any film title under the sun available for streaming, hailing a ride in a foreign country with the
North BrunswickNJ500 - 1,0002017
SWITCH Maritime logo
SWITCH Maritime LLC is building the first fleet of zero-carbon maritime ships powered 100% by battery and hydrogen.
JacksonWY2 - 102017$10,000,000
Haulio logo
Haulio is Southeast Asia's fastest-growing container haulage platform. We connect global trade to local first-mile transportation across ASEAN. Haulio believes in uplifting the industry by empowering its ecosystem of users with its technology. Through the
20 - 1002017$7,953,000
Boxbot logo
Boxbot a group of engineering and operations professionals who believe in building technology that will solve real business problems, at scale. We’re starting with the challenge of last-mile logistics, which is the single most expensive part of any deliver
OaklandCA10 - 502016$21,000,000
Veho logo
Veho is an end-to-end parcel delivery carrier for e-commerce companies. It is powered by next-generation technology and final mile crowdsourcing. The company was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.
BoulderCO500 - 1,0002016$299,162,656
Zuum App logo
Zuum Transportation optimizes logistics and streamlines supply chains globally on one automated platform which combines a digital freight marketplace with a shipper TMS, broker software, carrier TMS, and driver app.
IrvineCA100 - 5002016$38,580,000
Shipwell logo
Shipwell, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company offers freight shipping platform for shipping and transportation industry which enables them to get quotes, instantly dispatch, and see tracking information on every shipment. Shipwell serves customer
AustinTX100 - 5002016$47,000,000
Fetch Package logo
Fetch Package Inc. designs and develops package solution software. The Company offers a platform that provides scheduled and door-to-door delivery of packages. Fetch Package serves customers in the State of Texas.
DallasTX200 - 5002016$168,382,736
Overhaul logo
Overhaul Group, Inc. operates as a software development company. The Company provides technology solutions and mobile applications that offers transportation service providers with the security and visibility they need to ensure freight transportation comp
AustinTX200 - 1,0002016$144,926,672
Convoy logo
Convoy is an American trucking software company co-founded by CEO Dan Lewis and CTO Grant Goodale.
SeattleWA500 - 2,0002015$1,090,500,096
Ocean Freight Exchange logo
Ocean Freight Exchange is the world-leading, AI-driven marketplace transforming the $1.3 trillion bulk shipping industry by optimizing ship chartering processes between ship owners, charterers and brokers. We are backed by the top venture capital firms i
Los AngelesCA20 - 502015$6,050,000
Golorry logo
GoLorry offers transport and logistics services to its clients. It was founded in 2015 and conducts operations in California and Hyderabad.
San MateoCA10 - 502015$294,998
InstaFreight logo
Transportation systems are stuck in the 90’s. Even the most advanced companies have legacy systems set in place - relying on EDI (electronic data interchange), email and even fax - to respond to rapid shipment updates.To make matters worse, manual data ent
70 - 5002015
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