Search companies by investor Y Combinator companies with offices in San Francisco Published April 29th, 2019

This is a list of startup tech companies that went through the YC program and have physical offices in San Francisco.

Y Combinator companies with offices in San Francisco image
This data is open source and available in CSV format on GitHub.

Y Combinator is an accelerator and Venture Capital investment firm that provides funding for startups. Twice a year they invest a small amount of money in a large number of startups. These are known as the spring and winter batches. At the end of a batch there is a highly publicized demo day where Venture Capitalists watch and invest in the companies further. Y Combinator was founded by Paul Graham, Jessica Livingston, Trevor Blackwell and Robert Tappan Morris. The Y Combinator investment firm and startup accelerator is a driving force in the Silicon Valley tech and startup ecosystem.

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