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This is a post of all the tech companies and startups I can find in Oakland, CA. Hopefully it's hella helpful..

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Tech companies and startups in Oakland

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In Oakland there’s amazing street art, diverse people and flat lands for biking. The space surrounding Lake Merritt is beautiful. Downtown is fun. There's a focus on community and building a better, more equitable world that isn’t present in other parts of the Bay Area. Oakland has a rich history from the gold rush to the tech boom. There’s revolution, homelessness, police brutality and crime as well as outstanding music and great food, good beer and wonderful people. BART, buses, freeways and bike lanes connect Oakland to the rest of the Bay Area. We all have to work and right now the city is being consumed by new construction with high rises and new cement present all over the city. There’s a rich dialogue about displacement, racism and gentrification that’s been accelerated and amplified by the boom. One thing Oakland doesn’t do very well is stay still. The city is always changing; it’s a vibrant place -- that’s why thousands of us live and love here. The weather isn’t half bad either.

Below is a list of the companies featured on the map above. Each company has an Employbl profile page and links to the company website. For some companies there are job listings on the Employbl profile page. To view Oakland tech job listings and all companies in the Employbl database please sign in.

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