Job titles at Bay Area startups

This site outlines some popular job titles that you will find across departments and companies in the Bay Area tech industry. Specifically I focus on common job titles for Sales, Engineering, Marketing and Product departments.

By Connor Leech - May 15, 2019

Job titles at Bay Area startups and tech companies

When I worked as an agency Technical Recruiter I had to learn all about different job titles and job responsibilities for tech workers in the Bay Area. Most startups have Sales, Engineering, Marketing and Product departments. When I first graduated from college I had no idea what most people working in the tech industry did. This blog post outlines common job titles across companies and departments. I provide links to view job opportunities for that job title at the end of each section.

## Sales

Business Development Representative

A Business Development Representative, sometimes abbreviated to BDR, is in charge of bringing new business to the sales team. This can take the form of outbound cold calling/cold emailing, qualifying inbound leads that come in from the marketing department, scheduling meetings and communicating with prospects and customers.

Business Development functionality traditionally sits within the sales department at a startup or tech company. Most Business Development positions require 0-2 years experience. This can be a great role for recent college graduates. BDRs must learn the product and industry that they’re in well and have or develop strong communication skills.

As with most jobs, enthusiasm and a good attitude is key!

You can view Business Development job opportunities at Bay Area tech companies by following this link.

### Account Executive / Sales Development Representative (SDR)

An Account Executive or Sales Development Representative (SDR) is in charge of closing deals. They normally receive a base salary and make most of their money off of commissions for the deals they close. This position typically requires more experience than a BDR position. For many SDR or Account Executive opportunities it’s required to have 2+ years experience in sales and knowledge of or experience in a related field.

Account Executives spend most of their time talking to prospects, doing demos, booking meetings and traveling to events or networking.

You can view Account Executive job opportunities at Bay Area tech companies by following this link.

## Engineering

Software Engineer

Software Engineers write code to build the product that the BDRs and Account Executives sell. Software Engineers write code in a variety of languages including Ruby, Javascript, PHP, Python, Java and hundreds more. In the Bay Area most startups are looking for Software Engineers with 3-5 years experience. There are many engineers on the market with less professional experience due to coding bootcamps and learn to code programs.

In order to stand out it’s helpful to have a polished portfolio, solid knowledge of Computer Science fundamentals like data structures and algorithms and a positive attitude. Some Software Engineers start in technical support or do internships during college.

Software Engineers are generally divided into those that work on front end user facing code and those that build the backend systems. Most Software Engineers are capable of doing both to a certain extent but within a tech company engineers tend to specialize.

You can view Frontend Software Engineering opportunities by following this link.

You can view Backed Software Engineering opportunities by following this link.

## Data Scientist / Data Engineer

Data Scientists make sense of digital information and draw actionable insights for the rest of the team or end users. Data Engineers build and implement the software architecture that’s necessary to collect and analyze large amounts of data.

To become a Data Scientist it’s important to have a solid technical background in statistics and scripting in SQL or Hive. Data Engineers predominantly use Python. It pays to be comfortable with tools like Hadoop, Kafka and Redshift.

This link shows active job listings for Data Scientists in the Bay Area.

This link showcases open Data Engineering opportunities in the Bay Area.

## Marketing

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager is a bit of a catch all for different types of marketing companies engage in. There are Product Marketing Managers, Demand Generation Marketing Managers, Event Marketing Managers, Email Marketing Managers, Content Marketing Managers, Mobile Marketing Managers, the list goes on.

Marketing Managers are generally in charge of bringing Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) to the Sales team to drive revenue growth.

For open Marketing Manager positions with Bay Area tech companies check here.

## Product

Product Manager

Product Managers are in charge of defining the features, roadmap and strategy for a product or product line. It pays to have prior experience with the problem, in industry or software engineering. Product Management is an important function that nearly all startups and tech companies in the Bay Area need.

See all recent Product Manager job opportunities in the Bay Area.

## That’s all for now

Really I’m scratching the surface here. There are common titles and job functionalities across Customer Support, Customer Success and Design departments too. As a recruiter I had to learn about a lot of different jobs and job responsibilities for Bay Area startups. I’d be happy to dive deeper into job titles and job descriptions for specific departments in future posts.

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