How candidate profiles work on Employbl

Candidate profiles are the fundamental building block of the Employbl hiring network. In this post we'll go through the process of setting your profile up

By Connor Leech - Mar 1, 2019

I wanted to learn to code and make software to help people. I first started wanting it after graduating from college, taking an unpaid internship at a pop culture magazine and realizing the code runs the publication, not the writing or the ideas. I thought if I knew how to code I’d help people and make oodles of money. If I didn’t learn to code I wouldn’t have marketable skills and wouldn’t have a fulfilling or worthwhile career.

First I tried applying to hundreds of jobs on Dice, Monster and CareerBuilder as a junior programmer. After a three month coding bootcamp and web dev contract I didn’t feel capable of landing a full time role near where I lived in Oakland. Instead I worked as a technical recruiter for a year and a half, coding on the side. Through recruiting I learned how and why people got hired and what it takes to build great teams that ship world class product. I wasn’t writing code as a recruiter but I was placed people at fantastic companies. Helping people feels good.

Employbl is a software platform to directly connect candidates with opportunities. It’s not a successful job hunting strategy to apply to hundreds of positions, hoping your resume will get read. On Employbl you create one profile and relevant, screened employers will be in touch. We’re still actively onboarding employers so in the meantime to assist candidates finding employment we’ve built a company discovery page to help candidates find companies. This company list has opened my eyes to the amount of opportunity here in the Bay Area for candidates who know their skillset and what they’re after. We’re actively updating the company list and the page so expect more information on Company Discovery to follow!

In this article we’re going to go through the process of getting your candidate profile set up on Employbl.


Step 1: Apply to join the network

  Apply to join Employbl talent network  

Employbl is an application based system for both candidates and companies. This means that in order to login, candidates and companies both need to apply via their respective pages. To create your profile on Employbl click the “Apply as a candidate” button in the top right corner of the site.

  Snapdocs Demand Generation Marketing  

Fill out the candidate application form with your name, linkedin profile url, location and work authorization status. Either way we’ll send you a follow up email shortly approving your application or letting you know why it might not be a good fit.

Requiring candidates and companies to apply to join the system ensures that the network is made up of verified employers, not third party recruiting agencies, and that candidates are legally allowed to work in the United States and have employable skillsets that companies require. (Ha! Employable, Employbl...get it?). We want to have a high ratio of signal to noise so that candidates aren’t inundated with messages from third party recruiters and the companies browsing candidates are legitimate and not third parties themselves.


Step 2: Create your profile

  Create your hiring profile on Employbl  

Once your profile is approved you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to login using your Google or LinkedIn account. With an approved candidate profile you can go on to filling out the rest of your candidate profile. This is information you provide is what employers will see when they are searching for candidates to hire.

  Employbl talent acquisition site Everyone once your Employbl application is approved  

After logging in you’ll be immediately redirected to the candidate profile page where you’ll find the following fields:

Summary: This will show on the results page when employers are browsing candidates. You can think of it as more of a tagline (ie “Software Engineer interested in Machine Learning”) or an epic saga (“Four score and seven years ago…”) either is fine though realistically concise is better.

Websites: Right now we offer fields for candidates to showcase their Personal Websites, Portfolios, LinkedIn and GitHub profiles. Please enter the full URL (https://…)

  Fields for creating Employbl job seeker profile Open source list of available skills for candidates to choose from and hiring managers to filter by:  

Tags: We have an open-source, predefined list of skills that candidates can choose from when tagging their profile. I’m sure we haven’t included everything so if there’s a new one you’d like to add send me an email (, tweet us (@Employbl_Jobs) or create a pull request on the GitHub repo.

Location and Work Authorization: Pretty self explanatory. Many companies in the Bay Area are looking for talent here though there are remote positions available. We have candidates from all over the country within the Employbl network of all different types of work authorization statuses. The work authorization information is primarily for companies to determine if they’ll need to provide candidates sponsorship if they were to hire them. For more information on work authorization statuses and company legality, I found this article helpful 🙌

  Example of the candidate create profile form on Employbl jobs Example of the candidate create profile form on Employbl  


Step 3: Discover companies

  Discover companies in the Bay Area with Employbl jobs  

That’s it for creating your candidate profile on Employbl! Your hiring profile is now available to be found directly by verified employers. Assuming you’re logged in you can continue to the Discover Companies page which we'll cover more in a future blog post. The company discovery engine is where you’ll be able to browse 500+ companies in the Bay Area and filter by fields you care about.

If you have any questions about candidate profiles or the candidate application process please feel free to send me an email (, linkedin request or twitter message.

Namaste and happy interviewing! 🙏