Companies Hiring Software Engineers in the Bay Area (July 2019)

This is a subset of Bay Area startups and tech companies that have open job listings for software engineers right now.

By Connor Leech - Jul 6, 2019

Bay Area companies hiring software engineers in July 2019 Photo credit Camila Rubio Varón on [Unsplash](

I’ve previously written about popular job titles at Bay Area startups, why you should learn SQL and how I populate the job listings site on the Employbl website using Laravel and Greenhouse API. This month I’d like to try something a little different and list out some good looking jobs for companies hiring in the Bay Area. I pull jobs from about two hundred companies that have at least one office in the Bay Area. The full list of companies is open source in case you want to check out companies in the Bay Area or build something yourself!

These groupings will be kind of random but here we go…

If a link doesn’t go to the job listing page with the job description it means the job listing is no longer active. You can still go to the company page to see job listings at that company. I only keep job listings on Employbl that are active, usually refreshing the database about once a week.

Companies hiring React.js developers in the Bay Area July 2019 ## Companies hiring React.js developers

Lots of people love React.js in the Bay Area. There’s a very strong community and people tend to be passionate about this framework. Here are companies in the Bay Area that are hiring React.js developers in July 2019.

For a full list of companies that use React.js check this page. Hopefully it's helpful to you!

You can see the full list of Bay Area companies that are hiring React.js developers here. Please note that this is by no means comprehensive. There are dozens if not hundreds of more companies in the Bay Area hiring React.js developers than the ones in those search results. Additionally, these jobs are not only about React.js. Most job listings for software engineering require skills in multiple areas and previous relevant (and likely professional) experience. </disclaimer>.

Companies hiring Ruby On Rails developers in the Bay Area July 2019 ## Companies hiring Ruby On Rails developers

These companies use Ruby On Rails and need ROR programmers. They have open ROR jobs this month. 109 total job listings match the search term “Ruby On Rails”. Full results here.

For this one, most of the companies hiring ruby on rails programmers have multiple openings. Instead of linking to individual job listings I’m going to link to the company page where you can see all their job listings. Either that or you can go to the company’s website and navigate to their careers page for the latest and greatest!

  • Juul Labs: Juul is hot hot hot startup right now. Them and Flow Kana are doing big things in the cannabis space. Here’s the listing for Senior Software Engineer using Rails.

  • Airbnb: Airbnb, along with GitHub and Basecamp is one of the most famous companies built on Ruby On Rails. They’re hiring a software engineer around security, listing here. It actually looks to be for HotelTonight, one of the companies they recently acquired!

  • EasyPost: EasyPost is hiring a Senior Software Engineer. They provide a shipping and fulfillment API for retailers. If you’re interested in the e-commerce and retail space and like Ruby this could be for you! Shopify just entered this space and Amazon’s been dominating for a long time.

  • LiveRamp: Hiring a Senior Software Engineer, Full Stack. They provide “identity resolution middleware” and have a pretty dope office location next to Montgomery BART. 5+ years xp.

  • Rally Health: Hiring for multiple different levels. Healthcare company. Software Engineer job description.

  • GitLab: Hiring like crazy. Super remote friendly.

  • Instacart: Hiring for Software Engineer. They do grocery delivery. This is probably a better gig than being a personal shopper, though you’ll spend more time stationary, writing code. No years xp specified.

  • Bugcrowd: Hiring for a Senior Software Engineer. They’re a “crowdsourced cybersecurity company” for the enterprise. Hiring for Ruby On Rails and React.js. They have over one hundred employees in the Bay Area according to linkedin.

  • Hover: Hiring for a backend software engineer, requires 1+ years xp with Ruby On Rails. Startup vibes. 134 employees in the SF Bay Area, again, according to linkedin.

  • Mode Analytics: Hiring for multiple roles using Ruby. One of them is Backend Engineer. Inclusive job description. Really cool tool if you’ve ever gotten a chance to use it. They have a pretty dope SQL tutorial too.

Companies hiring PHP developers in the Bay Area July 2019 ## PHP Developer Jobs

W00t w00t PHP. Even before I launched Employbl I wrote a short Medium post of Bay Area companies that use PHP: free article, friend link. These companies are hiring PHP Software Engineers in the Bay Area (hopefully) this month.

Full PHP job search results here.

  • Software Engineer at Thumbtack: Thumbtack is a marketplace where you can find a professional for “pretty much anything”. Their tech stack primarily uses PHP, Scala, and Go, with Swift, Kotlin and Java for mobile apps.

  • Senior Software Engineer, Backend at Slack: Everyone uses Slack, I swear. They use PHP. Write PHP for Slack! 4+ years professional xp.

  • Technical Support Engineer at Adyen: This position requires the ability to write scripts of PHP. Support Engineer roles are great way into a company and to improve your Software Engineering skills if you don’t have a lot of work experience. It can be a lot of fun too because you’re tackling bugs and direct customer issues.

  • Marketing Web Developer at Hims: Skills required: Basic experience with PHP in the context of Wordpress custom page/post templates. I use Hims in the battle to keep from going completely bald..

  • Lead Full Stack WordPress Developer at Abstract: Abstract is a platform for modern design teams to work together. This job requires three to six or more years of Wordpress development xp.

  • Full Stack WordPress Web Developer at Invoice2go: This one’s based out of Redwood City. It’s a contract with potential to go full time (contract to hire). They do not specify years xp but you do need to have an up to date portfolio.

  • Support Engineer at GitLab: This job isn’t PHP specific but is open to candidates that have xp with a web development framework like Laravel, Django or Ruby On Rails.

Companies hiring Python developers in the Bay Area July 2019 ## Python Software Engineering Jobs

Python can be used for lots of stuff. Below are some companies hiring Software Engineers primarily focused around the Python programming language. Python search full results.

## Conclusion

I’ve really only scratched the surface here in terms of open positions and companies hiring in the Bay Area. In the future I’d like to improve search functionality on the site so it is easier to search and filter through open job opportunities. You can see all the job listings grouped by company here: Of the companies that I have info for, Juul, Lyft, GitLab and Airbnb are hiring the most.

I hope you find this helpful! If there’s a segment of jobs you’d like info for or you have ideas about how I can improve the website shoot me a tweet @connor11528.

Namaste 🙏