Black owned cannabis businesses in the Bay Area

This is a list of black owned businesses in the Bay Area operating in the legal marijuana space

By Connor Leech - Jun 29, 2020

The legal marijuana industry is big business. With the “green rush” more growers, retailers and technology enthusiasts have been entering the market to get their fair share. Many of the proceeds of this growth industry are going to white men, as detailed in a recent episode of the Patriot Act The Legal Marijuana Industry is Rigged. This seems especially ironic since black and brown men were targeted and incarcerated for moving marijuana even blacks and whites smoked marijuana at about the same rates. It’s up to all of us to build an equitable society. We all share responsibility in building a better future and part of that responsibility is understanding how society works now, who it’s working for and who it’s working against. You can vote for a better society with your time, actions, dollars and internet activities. In today’s society one of the best things you can do to help a business or business owner is to give them a +1, whether that be a dollar, like, share or telling your friends in person. Take the time to educate yourself and share knowledge to build a better, more equitable future.

One distinction many people don’t appreciate is the difference between equity and equality. Things can be equal and not equitable or unequal and equitable. This image helped me understand the point more clearly:

Socialist countries do equitability well. There are services like universal healthcare, free education and functional government programs to help people. These programs may not be equal. For instance millionaires and billionaires have to pay higher tax rates than the poorest members of society. This inequality helps build an equitable society. In the USA it’s often the opposite. Millionaires and billionaires get lavish government subsidies while the poor are often prosecuted, catalogued and systematically oppressed.

Without further ado below are a list of black owned cannabis businesses in the Bay Area to support :)

Black owned cannabis businesses in the Bay Area

These are black owned marijuana businesses located in the Bay Area:

  • blunts+moore - 701 66th Ave suite b, Oakland, CA 94621 - Oakland based marijuana dispensary. We'll put a smile on your face at Oakland's Happy Store, Blunts+Moore. Where you'll find one of the Bay Area's largest selections of premium cannabis products.

  • Farmacy Berkeley - 3243 Sacramento St, Berkeley, CA 94702 - Farmacy Berkeley represents the bringing together of cannabis advocates who share a consistent commitment to defining values and creating one place where those values will shine. We believe in offering sustainably produced cannabis products delivered in a welcoming, inviting, and open environment that makes everyone feel comfortable—from the young and experienced consumer to the senior taking their first curious steps into the world of cannabis.

  • Purple Heart - 415 4th St, Oakland, CA 94607 - As Oakland’s longest operating medical dispensary, Purple Heart has remained committed to serving the cannabis community since 2006. Our mission is to assist every person on an individual basis by providing each client with essential knowledge of cannabis strains and distinctive forms of cannabis that are consistent with their respective needs.

  • Posh Green Collective - Posh Green is the first Equity Retail Cannabis Dispensary in San Francisco independently owned by a Woman of Color. San Francisco native, Reese Benton, established Posh Green Collective in 2016. Joining the strong but few minority owners in the cannabis industry. Reese has traveled the industry’s vast terrain to find only the best cannabis products available.

  • Berner’s on Haight - An ex-convict and former gang member who started selling drugs at age 12 in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood are now positioned to open the first legal retail cannabis store on upper Haight Street, a landmark for both the former drug dealer and the western stretch of the street that’s most associated with illicit cannabis sales in the city.

  • StashTwist - We are a woman-operated, non-profit cannabis collective in the East Bay providing safe access to high-quality medical cannabis and cannabis products.

  • Gas House - Gas House envisions a future where products are designed with the customer experience in mind. Powerful sativas, intoxicating indicas, and sophisticated hybrids are our game.

Black owned cannabis companies

These companies are black owned and operating in the cannabis space. Not all of them are in the Bay Area but many offer their services via the internet.

  • American Cannabinoid Clinics - The mission at The AC Clinics is to deliver precision Cannabinoid Medicine to every patient looking for a personalized approach to healing.

  • Viola Brands - Viola focuses on promoting social equity by increasing minority participation in the cannabis industry. Our focus is to Positively impact communities by reinvesting into the most affected by the war on drugs.

  • Kush & Cute - Handmade Cannabis Inspired Skincare & Accessories. From the founder Iyana Edouard: “After entering the industry in 2016 in Southern California I also very quickly became aware that the cannabis industry lacked two things, women and especially black women. I was usually the only black woman in the room”

  • Apothecary - Apothecarry Indo-Lifestyle brand designs and sells high quality, high end herb & tobacco accouterments for the discriminating connoisseur. Our goal is to provide products and systems that help make imbibing easier, safer and more reliable than ever before, which allows our customer to get the best smoking experience possible.

  • Deuces 22 - is a premium cannabis brand dedicated to bringing you only the best products for your cannabis needs, from pre-rolls to topicals. Our products are easy to use, taking the complexity out of cannabis products and making them accessible to everyone, no matter your ability to experience.

  • Holmes Organics - Cory Holmes (Founder) suffered from stress and anxiety due to various incidents that has happened in his life. Cory grew up in poor neighborhoods where there were all sorts of danger. He constantly heard gunshots outside of his window in which he would grab his little brother and duck for cover… His mission? To help people cope with stress, chronic pain and more by creating the most bioavailable broad spectrum cannabinoid products on the market, all at a price people can afford. This mission remains Cory’s promise to you.

Marijuana investment firms and accelerators

These firms invest in or run programs to help cannabis businesses.

  • Hood Incubator - The mission of The Hood Incubator is to increase the participation of Black and Brown communities in the legal cannabis industry- as investors, owners, workers, patients, consumers, and advocates. Based in Oakland, CA.

  • Mesh Ventures - We are a cannabis manufacturing venture fund founded in 2017, blending decades-old California cannabis expertise with modern technologies to build value across our portfolio.

  • Full list of cannabis investors

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