Job Hunting Best Tech Job Boards and resources for tech jobs 2019 Published May 14th, 2019

These are the popular job boards startups and tech companies in the SF Bay Area use to hire talent. Use these job boards as a source of information in your job hunt.

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I do not recommend clicking apply to every position you see that seems interesting. Use these job boards to discover opportunities and companies that are hiring in your area.

Before I get referencing all of my competitor’s websites, I’ll interject that Employbl is a site built to help candidates find information about hiring companies in the Bay Area.

Candidates you can use Employbl to find job listings for job titles or companies you’re interested in. You can also use the Discover Companies functionality to find tech companies in your area of the Bay. Try it out!

For companies Employbl is a source of candidate information on candidates evaluating new opportunities. If candidates would like to join the network all you need to do is apply. I approve or reject everyone within a week.

If you’re authorized to work in the United States, currently reside in the United States and are interested in Software Engineering (including DevOps, Data Science etc), Digital Marketing, Digital Design or Product Management I recommend applying.

New graduates welcome!

Without further ado, these are job boards it’s helpful to be aware of if you’re interested in new tech job opportunities in the Bay Area:

LinkedIn: Definitely have a LinkedIn profile. You don’t have to check it all the time or post updates. Do upload a picture and add what you’ve worked on. Don’t worry about skill endorsements. Use LinkedIn to connect with hiring managers and recruiters. Who works at the company? Who would you be working for? It could be helpful to get the Business Lite package for searching and filtering. It’ll cost you about $60/month. KeyValues can be a great source to learn about companies. The founder Lynn interviews companies and helps them create profiles that showcase the engineering team’s values. You can learn more about Lynn and her business by listing to the Indiehackers interview.

AngelList: AngelList is the largest and best source of tech company and startup info out there, besides LinkedIn. It’s a good idea to create a complete AngelList profile because companies do use it to hire.

Glassdoor: Rich information set and filtering for job opportunities and companies. Recommend.

Indeed: Indeed has mastered the SEO game. They’ll probably be the first result for every job search in tech you do. I recommend using it as a source of information about who’s hiring and the job market. To apply do it through the company website and/or reach out to members of the company on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, whatever you’re comfortable using. This is a pretty impressive website built by a developer in Poland. The job listings aren’t complete or always up to date but it’s a great way to learn about new companies and opportunities. I referenced this site when scanning for opportunities with Bay Area companies.

Hired: Create a profile on Hired. If they have opportunities for you they will reach out. Hired charges companies a placement fee or offers subscription services for companies. Companies browse through candidates on Hired or a Hired recruiter finds candidates for companies. It can only help you to be part of their database. Vetterey, and the A-List from AngelList work off similar models.

Other resources

Apart from finding jobs and finding companies you need to be employable and work on yourself. These are education resources that I hope you find helpful.

Break Into Tech brands itself as a “no coding path to a tech job”. Jeremy Schifeling works really hard on the business and has informative content on what it takes to get a job in the tech industry.

WayUp is a site for college students and recent grads to get hired. Their Instagram account is lit.

Laracasts has video lectures by Jeffrey Way to teach you PHP, Laravel, Javascript and Vue.js.

Udemy SQL course is a beginner to expert course on how to use the SQL query language to create, modify and query data from a database.

Udemy Data Structures and Algorithms course I found to be very helpful in learning interview problem solving techniques and computer science fundamentals.

CS Fundamentals GitHub repo I’m collecting resources and tutorials I do to become a better engineer. This repo focuses on data structures, algorithms, interviewing and SQL. It’s where I collect helpful resources on Software Engineering.

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